Finally, this character could well and truly be alive in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, thanks to Klaus!

If the Hargreeves had a common mission to stop the apocalypse for a second time in 1963, each superhero in the fracy was also engaged in a personal quest. Five had to oust his double in the old version, Diego wanted at all costs to prevent the assassination of JFK in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, while Allison fought for the civil rights of black people. Klaus’ mission – besides leading a cult of people all more wacky than the next – was to save Dave from death. In the first season, the two characters met during the Vietnam War, but unfortunately Klaus’ lover died in battle. By meeting him in 1963 in Dallas, the superhero Hargreeves tried to dissuade him from enlisting in the army, so that the latter had a chance to survive. The problem is, by telling him where and when he was going to die, and telling him that in the future they were going to have a loving relationship together, Klaus literally sounded like a fool. Nonetheless, there is still a possibility that Dave eventually survived and therefore appears in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), here’s why.

Klaus and Dave
Klaus and Dave – Credit (s): Netflix

If Dave didn’t necessarily believe everything Klaus told him, by the time of his death in the years to come, he will certainly remember what he said. So, as a logical and sane person, he will likely avoid going to places communicated by Klaus in the past because he will realize that what he was telling him might not be wrong. Even more so if he meets him in Vietnam and he actually falls in love with him! If that’s not how Dave will be saved, he could be saved some other way. In 1963, before getting on the bus to join the army, the officer called him “the sailor”, which would therefore mean that even if Dave has always started in the industry, he would have changed branches. New path, new destiny for the protagonist therefore! Since Dave was a big part of Klaus’ story arc, his return in future episodes is not impossible. Nonetheless, if he survived, Dave would be around 75 years old in the current timeline. Will he remember Klaus? If so, that of 1963 or that of Vietnam? Until you find out, keep voting for your favorite shows during the Series World Cup.


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