In the series, Allison and Klaus have surprisingly nothing to do with the characters of the comics!

After revealing to you what the characters in The Umbrella Academy, we are now interested in the astonishing differences between the series and the comics. Indeed, adapting the plot of a successful comic to the small screen can sometimes be very perilous. Beyond succeeding in transcribing his essence, the showrunner must pay attention to the casting, the temporality and the different narrative arcs. In short, a real feat which sometimes forces the latter to have to take side roads for budgetary reasons or for consistency concerns.. This is the case with the series NetflixThe Umbrella Academy, you’ll see !

The Hargreeves family in The Umbrella Academy season 2
The Hargreeves family in The Umbrella Academy season 2 – Credit (s): giphy

Hargreeves’ powers are more powerful

This is without a doubt the most obvious difference! In the comics, the Hargreeves siblings are much more powerful. In addition to wielding knives, Diego has the ability to hold his breath underwater indefinitely. Klaus can levitate and communicate over the airwaves, while Allison knows how to distort reality. Only Vanya has less impressive powers since these are only activated with her violin..

The origin of Luther’s body is more murky

If in the series, Luther’s rather imposing body was created from monkey serum injected by Sir Reginald, in the comics it’s a whole different story! Indeed, in the comic its head attaches itself to the body of a Martian gorilla, which then explains its powers. Really weird!

Diego in The Umbrella Academy
Diego in The Umbrella Academy – Credit (s): Netflix

Allison loses one of her arms and Diego loses his right eye

If we have told you about Allison’s purple hair before, this is another physical detail that interests us today. Indeed, in the comics, the young woman loses one of her arms during childhood although we can always see her with both arms (the existence of the second arm remains a mystery). Just like Diego in the comic book who for his part loses his right eye.

Diego is in love with Vanya

Yes, Luther and Allison are not the only ones to have fallen in love in the comics. Diego is also in love with his sister Vanya!

Klaus in The Umbrella Academy
Klaus in The Umbrella Academy – Credit (s): Netflix

The scenario in Vietnam is very different

In the comics, Klaus is not represented as an LGBT + character, so his love affair with Dave never took place (his character does not exist). Moreover, Klaus is not the only one to land in Vietnam, he is accompanied by Luther and Diego. While the latter end up becoming soldiers during the war, Klaus soberly keeps him a nightclub.

Klaus is a baby daddy

This is the other surprise of the comics! During his stay in Vietnam, Klaus becomes daddy of a baby. Unfortunately, no indication about her (the identity of the mother, the original story) will be given afterwards. Another fact to underline, the latter will never become the guru of a sect.

Allison in The Umbrella Academy
Allison in The Umbrella Academy – Credit (s): Netflix

Allison is responsible for JFK’s death

This is without a doubt the biggest twist between the series and the comics. In these, it is Allison who is responsible for the death of JFK. Indeed, the young woman finds herself drawn into a dark story of blackmail. The cause ? The Commission threatens to kill Five’s biological mother.

Five and Luther are twins

Yes yes, you read that right! In the comics, Five and Luther are actually twins. They were born to the same mother on October 1, 1989. While waiting for season 3, don’t forget to vote for your favorite series on the occasion of the 2020 World Cup series.


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