If Homer lost his hair in The Simpsons, it’s for a very surprising reason!

In the animated series The Simpsons, two characters stand out mainly from the others: they are Homer and Bart, the two unsuspected geniuses of Simpson ! If these protagonists spend all their time bickering, that’s also what makes their charm. Homer could strangle Bart for hours on end, but we are now beginning to understand why he is so angry with him. And this is linked to the father’s hair loss! As you may have noticed, Homer is bald in almost every episode of the animated series. However, during the flashback scenes, we can see that this flagship character of Simpson wore beautiful brown hair, so what event could have caused the loss of his hair? We have the answer!

Homer – Credit (s): Fox

While the stress of daily grind can promote a man’s hair loss, an episode of Simpson revealed why and how Homer went bald. In fact, he was so upset to learn that Marge was pregnant (with Bart, their first child) that he tore his hair out! Same catchphrase when his mate was carrying Lisa in her stomach, and when Maggie’s turn arrived, he pulled the only fistful of hair he had left. Unfortunately for him, they never grew back … So now that is why he has only three common hairs on his head! Even though it’s totally his fault, he must subconsciously blame Bart, because if he hadn’t come into the world he would still have all of his hair. Whether thanks to a miracle product or via a hair transplant, Homer has regained his hair in several episodes of the animated series, but since these do not follow each other, he is now forced to spend the rest of his life. bald. Definitely, the show will never cease to surprise us, discover without further delay all the WTF anecdotes around the series The Simpsons !


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