Last night, episode 8 of season 5 of The Resident aired on Fox and Conrad finally seems to be ready to fall in love again … But then, who will he end up with?

He has become the hospital’s most coveted bachelor! Since his official return to Chastain in episode 7 of season 5 of The Resident, Conrad has been all the rage with nurses, but not only. Nic’s death shocked the doctor and he never managed to forget the woman in his life. However, after a discussion with Billie, he gradually realized that it was time to reopen the door to love in this episode 8 of season 5 of The Resident. But then, who will Conrad be dating in the sequel to the medical series?

Future love story?
Future love story? – Credit (s): Fox

Conrad was extremely successful in this episode 8 of season 5 of The Resident and many nurses made him charming … But let’s face it, this flirting technique was a bit heavy on the part of some. However, at the end of this episode titled “Old Dogs, New Tricks”, this single father decided to take a step forward with Marion. Their connection had been teased before the time jump, although at that time there had been no flirting. Conrad therefore decided to offer the young woman to eat ice cream with him and Gigi … But we doubt that this romance will last …

A look that says it all!
A look that says it all! – Credit (s): Fox

The final scene of this episode 8 of season 5 of The Resident teased a whole different connection. Billie watched with much nostalgia and melancholy as Conrad walked away with Gigi and Marion … If until now their relationship was only platonic, it would seem that in reality Billie has feelings for the husband of her deceased best friend! Fans are curious to see how the writers will explore Conrad’s first post-Nic relationship, but while it’s odd, Billie is arguably the perfect woman for the father of the family. She was present by his side during the drama, then during his mourning and always behaved like a true friend. In addition, they share a story and they have much more chemistry than Conrad with a simple “extra” … It is therefore quite possible that the relationship between Billie and Gigi’s father evolves in a loving way.


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