The console war is in full swing. Microsoft has offered Activision Blizzard and intends to crush its number one competitor: Sony. Admittedly, Call of Duty will still be released on PlayStation (for now?), but it’s hard not to imagine that Xbox finally wants the top spot in the console market. But according to a recent report from Ampere Analysis, the machine won’t surpass Sony’s in 2022. The firm’s estimate puts the PlayStation 5 in the lead for this year then the Xbox Series X / Series S. On the other hand, Nintendo will always be ahead of the manufacturers. Proof of the strike force represented by a still popular Switch and a solid fanbase.

In 2022, the PS5 crushes the Xbox Series X but not the Nintendo Switch!

In 2022 and despite the shortage of components, the PS5 should sell at 18 million units, twice as much as the forecast for the Xbox Series X / Series S with 9 million units. Corn nintendo, despite a console launched in 2017 and a less impressive technical sheet, still dominates the video game market. According to Ampere Analysis, the Switch will sell 21 million units. The firm’s director, Piers Harding-Rolls, said: It seems that the availability of PS5 and Xbox Series consoles will gradually improve during the year. We expect Sony to sell twice as much as Microsoft “. The man also talks about the importance of streaming for 2022.

But is production really increasing? Because if the manufacturers are talking about a recovery, getting your hands on a PS5 or an Xbox Series X remains very complicated. The companies claim that since the production hurdles have been overcome, the level of demand is the greatest in the history of video games. We can say that the players, after a year of trying in vain to get their hands on the next-gen, are now throwing themselves on these machines. The video game market has never been as popular as in recent years. Between popular streamers, increasingly accessible titles, big shows and other announcements, the sector now brings in billions.


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