In The Princess of Chicago 3, Vanessa Hudgens plays three characters. How did it go during the shooting?

While The Princess of Chicago 3 just released on Netflix, Vanessa Hudgens is already questioned about a fourth installment. As she explains, she isn’t against the idea of ​​reprise all three of her roles for a sequel, but it won’t be anytime soon, with the actress showing her willingness to take a break. Vanessa Hudgens admits that the workload on these films was pretty heavy, in part because she had to juggle the characters of Lady Magaret, Stacy and Fiona. Some fans are also wondering how the shooting went, when several shots showed the three heroines on the same frame.. Vanessa Hudgens and director Mike Rohl said more to Newsweek.

The Princess of Chicago 3
The Princess of Chicago 3 – Credit (s): Netflix

So that Vanessa Hudgens’ workload is lightened on The Princess of Chicago 3, several techniques have been implemented. First, the actress always played one character at a time, so as not to get tangled up in the brushes.. What helped him tremendously with the pressure, however, was the recruitment of three doubles, especially used during back scenes or when all three heroines were on the same plane.

Rebecca Wong was recruited to play the double of Margaret, Alexa Lee that of cousin Fiona and Charlotte Coggin as Stacy bis. Each of the actresses learned the facial expressions and gestures of her character so that in post-production, the magic of the special effects operates.. Thanks to these doubles, Vanessa Hudgens’ workload was particularly lightened, even though she played the three characters in the film most of the time. Netflix succeeded in fooling us brilliantly, and here is the schedule of releases planned for the month of December on the catalog!


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