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If you want a little recap of the celebrity news from this Friday, February 26, 2021, you’ve come to the right place. As every day, the editorial ‘of melty invites you to come back to the latest gossip that has buzzed in Hollywood. Today, we will look at the terrible incident of which Lady Gaga was indirectly the victim, before continuing with the new shocking revelations on Marylin Manson. And if the supervision of Britney Spears is still at the center of the controversy, a crazy rumor around Selena Gomez is talked about on social networks. Info that we let you discover without further delay.

Lady Gaga indirect victim of an armed attack

According to information reported by TMZ, Lady Gaga was indirectly the victim of an armed robbery. The facts date back to Wednesday February 24 at around 10 p.m. when Ryan Fischer, who is the walker of his three dogs, was shot four times in the chest while walking the singer’s animals. According to the tabloid’s explanations, two individuals got into the car and shot him before kidnapping two of the star’s three bulldogs. The third was however recovered by the police. Rushed to the hospital, Ryan Fischer happily survived. As for the artist, she offers a reward of 500,000 dollars to the person who will bring back Koji and Gustav. An investigation has been opened by the FBI.

Marilyn Manson targeted by a new complaint

Marilyn Manson is again at the heart of the controversy because a new complaint has been filed against him. A young woman named Bianca Allaine claims the musician forced her to kiss him in 1995 when she was only 16. Interviewed by The Sun, the latter also confided in the humiliations of which she would have been the victim from the singer: “He was very nice one minute, then the next he degraded me in front of his friends. When he was with his entourage or a group of guys, he would tell me things like the fact that I was fat. I was 5’7 ” and weighed 54kg at the time … The worst part is that he once told me that I looked like a dirty Mexican because I had olive skin. “

Britney Spears’ dad speaks out

As we know, Britney Spears has been under the tutelage of her father Jaime Spears since 2008. In other words, the artist can hardly do anything without his permission and this, at now 39 years old. A real scandal for his fans, who have also launched the Free Britney movement in order to restore its independence. Faced with the scale of the controversy, the patriarch of the family spoke through his lawyer. During an interview on the show Good Morning America, Vivian Thoreen said: “I understand that every story wants to have a villain, but people are really wrong in this case. It’s the story of a loyal, loving and devoted father who saved his daughter from a life-threatening situation.. People were exploiting her and Britney’s assets were clearly mismanaged, so much so that some of her relatives took advantage of them. Jaime worked with her to help her regain custody of her children and improve her finances. He has created a healthy environment for her to live her life as she sees fit, far from the media that causes her so much pain. “ Here is a story with two versions which seems very complicated to understand.

Selena Gomez pregnant?

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To believe the latest rumors that shake the Web, Selena Gomez may well be secretly pregnant with her first child. Many Internet users are asking questions after the publication of a video on TikTok. In this clip, we see the singer dancing with her friends, but especially her slightly rounded belly. What to start the speculations around a possible happy event. Of course, this does not necessarily mean a hidden pregnancy. So let’s take this information with a grain of salt and remain vigilant before we can formalize the news.

Credits: TMZ / The Sun / Good Morning America / TikTok @ zigo_memes0


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