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The many easter eggs hidden in The Last of Us Part 2


Developers often like to offer games in the game by including many easter eggs in their productions. This is particularly the case of Naughty Dog with The Last of Us Part II, which multiplies the hidden references and secrets throughout the adventure.

2020 clearly hasn’t been a good year for most of us, but it definitely has been for The Last of Us Part II. With nearly 270 accolades as “Game of the Year”, the PS4 exclusive has become the most awarded title in video game history.. Yet months after its release, the production of Naughty Dog continues to surprise us. Indeed, it conceals secrets hidden by developers and some still continue to be discovered by Internet users. We therefore offer you a summary of the best easter eggs discovered in The Last of Us Part II to date..

The PS3 and its games signed Naughty Dog

A little dusty but still there despite the epidemic

We start simple with an easter egg that is hard to miss: the presence of the PS3. Visible in Ellie’s bedroom at the start of the game as well as in several apartments within Seattle, she usually comes with multiple games. The most informed will also notice that these have all been developed by Naughty Dog, since they are the two first releases of Uncharted as well as the HD compilation of the Jak and Daxter trilogy.

Sic Parvis Magna

A beautiful tribute to Uncharted 2

Since we are talking about Uncharted, there are many references to our good old Nate and his adventures in the game. The first one you can find is hidden in Joel’s house, hanging on the wall. This is a painting on which we can see two men in a snowy mountain, which is a definite reference to Nathan and Tenzin in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Nathan Drake’s ring, stored in a safe

A little later, as you explore the Seattle lands on Day 1 with Ellie, you can discover the remains of a bank. Inside is a chest to unlock, which will then give you access to the famous ring of Nathan Drake, the one on which is engraved the mention “Sic Parvis Magna”, is “Greatness comes from humble beginnings”.

A costume in the colors of Uncharted 2

Finally, a last reference to the treasure hunter can be found in this same chapter, not far from Capitol Hill. Among the various accessible stores, one of them offers many accessories and costumes to wear to dress up. If you look closely, you will be able to see some one with the image of Nate in Uncharted 2.

The legacy of Jak and Daxter

A Precursor Orb serves as a collectible
A small part of Jak X Combat Racing?

Naughty Dog definitely likes to hide self-references in his games. Like Nate’s ring in the bank vault, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on an orb of the precursors, a relic from the Jak and Daxter saga, during the first day in Seattle with Abby. For her part, Ellie will have the opportunity to admire a beautiful Jak X Combat Racing arcade machine in the Seattle Arcade Store walked through on Day 3.

Crash Bandicoot porn version

This version of Crash Bandicoot is not for everyone

This is without a doubt the funniest self-reference one can find in The Last of Us Part II. Indeed, Crash Bandicoot was also entitled to its small appearance but in a very original way: it is a pornographic diversion. This easter egg is found at the start of the game, when Ellie and Dina get their hands on a VHS tape titled “Smash Brandi’s Cootch” (“Cootch” vulgarly designating female private parts).

The Last of Us, the sequel

A painful memory for Ellie and for the players

As a direct sequel, The Last of Us Part II obviously doesn’t lack references to its predecessor. One of them is right from the start, in Ellie’s room. The most observant will indeed have noticed the little robot that hangs out on the young woman’s desk, and which is none other than the one she had offered to her friend Sam during their stay in Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately, no interaction possible this time

A second can be seen in the Seattle arcade store, still with Ellie. Not far from the Jak X Combat Racing terminal is another terminal: The Turning. This is the one giving rise to a wonderful play sequence in the Left Behind expansion, when Ellie and her friend Riley explore the mall in which they infiltrate to have a good time together.

Tribute to the PS Vita

No PS Vita was injured during this scene

In good PlayStation studio, Naughty Dog did not hesitate to pay homage to another Sony console through the game. the PS Vita is honored several times during the adventure. The first time comes on Day 2 in Seattle with Ellie, when she finds herself confronted with a WLF member playing Hotline Miami during her shift. This same woman will also appear on Day 1 in Seattle with Abby, still playing the same game. Finally, the sequence in the dining hall taking place a little before also shows a member of the WLF playing the Jak and Daxter collection.

Jurassic Park

A beautiful quote from the first Jurassic Park, released in 1993

This easter egg occurs when Ellie and Joel visit the museum where many dinosaurs are displayed. During their conversations, Joel mentions a dinosaur movie he allegedly saw and where he got his knowledge from, film which would have had a sequel that he even describes as ” less good “. A little later, however, he directly quotes the cult reply pronounced by Dr. Ian Malcolm: “It’s a really big pile of shit”.

Doctor Uckmann

Neil Druckmann even made it his profile picture on Twitter

The Last of Us Part II allows you to collect many collectibles, among which are collectible cards. On Day 1 in Seattle with Ellie, it is possible to pick up one highlighting a certain “Doctor Uckmann”, whose name like the facies are an obvious nod to Neil Druckmann, the co-president of Naughty Dog and the co-director of the game. Fun fact, the card states that the character is seen as a villain rather than a hero…

Serial cameos

I might be tripping but that lowkey sounds like Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross over the Radio. If someone from ND somehow sees this please tell us if you know. from r / thelastofus

Did you know that Neil Druckmann also makes an appearance in the game ? Very well hidden, this one took a long time to be discovered, especially since it is noticeable only for players opting for the original version. Indeed, he does not appear physically but only through his voice. It can be heard on Day 3 from Abby in Seattle, when the latter enters the theater and overhears a radio conversation between two individuals. The second voice, female this time, is moreover none other than that of Halley Gross, co-writer of The Last of Us Part II.

Gustavo Santaolalla is entitled to his moment of glory in the game

At the very beginning of the game, another personality linked to The Last of Us also makes an appearance, but physical this time. It is Gustavo Santaolalla, the composer of the soundtrack of the two opuses. This one can be seen playing the banjo sitting in a chair right in the middle of Jackson, which you cross with Ellie following Jesse. A dog will draw your attention to him as you pass.

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker on the microphone

In August 2020, the “Grounded” update arrived with two new modes: “Grounded” (maximum difficulty) and “Permadeath” (permanent death). Each is then accompanied by an easter egg once completed. By finishing the first one you will be able to hear the full version of Future Days performed by Troy Baker (Joel), song that we no longer present. By completing the second, you will then be able to hear the full version of Through the Valley performed by Ashley Johnson (Ellie), song that was used to announce the game in the first trailer released in 2016.

A poster of Pearl Jam, the group behind the song Future Days
Ellie listens to Through the Valley, a song by Shawn James

Moreover, the most attentive will have noticed that this musical touch of the game gave rise to two easters eggs along the way. The first occurs very early sinceThrough the Valley can be heard briefly at the start of the game, when Ellie is listening to music through her walkman in his room. The second arrives on Day 1 in Seattle with Ellie, in the music store more precisely. Indeed, it is possible to find there a poster of Pearl Jam, the group behind the song sung by Joel’s character.



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