Disney studios have already planned seasons of The Mandalorian until 2027!

Have Disney Studios planned that the series The Mandalorian, one of the ten best of 2020, extend until 2027? That’s according to a recent YouTube video of Kessel Run Transmission. While season 2 is a hit in the eyes of critics and fans alike Star wars, a sequel has already been announced by Lucasfilm. In other words, the adventures of the Baby Yoda & Din Djarin duo are far from over! It must be said that the universe of the bounty hunter with a big heart continues to grow. Iconic characters like Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan have finally made their live-action debuts. Others, like former spectator darling Boba Fett, have made a comeback to the screen.

From what we have heard, the story of the Mandalorian will extend until the year 2027. We’ve heard that at this point it might even be in feature film form, maybe even screened in movie theaters …“can be heard in the video above. It’s no secret that Lucasfilm is banking on the success of The Mandalorian, as evidenced by the arrival of two spin-offs, including one on the famous Ahsoka Tano. Extending the duration of the series until 2027 (at least) would allow to really work on the characters of the series, and to achieve their narrative arcs. On the other hand, Grogu and Din Djarin have an interest in being reunited in the future! It’s even one of the things we absolutely want to see in The Mandalorian season 3

Credits: Source: Kessel Run Transmissions


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