Photos taken at one of The Flash’s filming locations reveal the impressive home of Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Why settle for just one Batman when you can have several? Barry Allen will indeed not only be supported by the Batfleck of the DCEU, but also by a version of the Dark Knight played by Michael Keaton in the film The Flash. Who says new Batman, obviously says new Wayne mansion. It is also the latter which is visible on pictures taken at one of the filming locations of the blockbuster, in the county of Lincolnshire in England. As you can see in the photos visible below, the building lives up to the Wayne heritage and is particularly imposing.

The start of filming of this film about the Scarlet Speedster of the DCEU was almost unexpected. Since its launch, the project has indeed experienced many twists and turns, to the point where its viability has even been called into question. However, this is not an exercise, Barry Allen will indeed have the right to his solo film in the universe developed by Warner Bros., and The Flash could even allow the latter to restart the DCEU from zero. The feature film is currently described as a free adaptation of the comics Flashpoint, and should thus take Barry Allen, still played by Ezra Miller, through different realities and timelines.

Credits: Pagina Nerdica (Twitter), DC Comics, Warner Bros.
Other files: DCEU


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