A first promo photo of season 8 of The Flash, and more particularly of the crossover “Armageddon” has been unveiled by the CW and it amazes us.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 8 of The Flash. Especially since the first five episodes will offer a crossover between the shows of the Arrowverse. And if we had already gotten some details, the CW has finally just released an official promotional photo of this upcoming crossover event titled “Armageddon”. This image gives audiences a first glimpse of Tony Curran as Despero, The Flash’s next nemesis. Moreover, in a move that might surprise some comic book fans, Despero is here portrayed as a guy with a human appearance …

An intense face-to-face!
An intense face-to-face! – Credit (s): The CW, EW

Earth faces alien invasion in storyline “Armageddon”, the next crossover event of The Flash with the Arrowverse series. And as this image unveiled by EW proves to us, Barry will face a new big bad. This is actually the scene where we really learn about Despero’s alien origins, which makes this scene so fascinating to me. “Flash showrunner Eric Wallace told EW before continuing: ‚ÄúTony Curran has a great speech in this scene. No spoilers, but it’s a very intense moment in his relationship with The Flash. You will see throughout the episodes how Despero tests Flash in different ways. makes it so crucial. I think the audience is going to learn something new about Despero that they never knew, as we have our own take on the mythology [DC] for the character. “ Suffice to say that this photo of season 8 of The Flash already amazes us.

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