Fans fell in love with Robbie Amell’s character in The Flash. Is it possible that the actor will make an appearance again in season 7?

The Flash is always full of surprises! With six seasons under its belt, The Flash has seen quite a few characters come and go, but few departures have been as heartbreaking as Ronnie Raymond’s. Played by Upload star Robbie Amell, Ronnie was believed dead after the series’ startup particle accelerator disaster by his friends and girlfriend Caitlin Snow. However, sometime afterwards, it was revealed that he had merged in the Firestorm Matrix with Dr. Martin Stein to create the hero Firestorm. This character was highly appreciated by all fans of The Flash and his death upset them … He sacrificed himself to save Central City in season 2 of the DC Comics show … But with “Crisis on Infinite Earths “ that turned the whole Arrowverse upside down, is it possible that Robbie Amell will reappear as Ronnie in season 7 of The Flash?

Robbie Amell could be back!
Robbie Amell could be back! – Credit (s): Netflix

Although years have passed since his last appearance in The Flash, Robbie Amell says he is ready to return to the Arrowverse if the opportunity arises … In an interview with CBR, the actor revealed: “I owe so much to Greg Berlanti and the Arrowverse, I had so much fun playing the character. I would love to go back but there are great people and supporting characters on The Flash. I never want to be the guy who comes in for a few episodes and steals time from other people who deserve it. I’m still very much in touch with the managers and Danielle and I speak regularly. Would love to go back but who knows when and how, it should make sense to everyone.”. Moreover, Robbie Amell confided in his cousin, Stephen Amell of whom he is very proudr. He added : “I’m super proud of my cousin, I think he did something amazing. I know she misses it but, at the same time, it was probably a good time to quit, as long as it still works. “. Confidences which suggest a future return in season 7 of The Flash …


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