One of the main actors of The Flash was fired … But then, what will be the consequences on season 7?

Hartley Sawyer, the actor who plays Ralph Dibny in The Flash, was fired after his racist and misogynistic tweets, dating back to 2012 and 2014, surfaced. They were revealed last week, leading to the decision to let Hartley Sawyer leave after three seasons in the Arrowverse series. Although the news of the actor’s departure drew many reactions from the fans, it also raised many questions about the significance of this upheaval for season 7 of The Flash. Season 6 ended unfinished due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the Season Finale, Sue Dearbon joined the Flash team and her romance with Ralph was to be explored in season 7 of The FlashSue Dearbon and Ralph Dibny are a highly regarded couple in the comics, one that The Flash fans have eagerly awaited since Ralph’s debut in Season 4… but what does that mean for season 7 of The Flash ?

What will happen to the character of Ralph?

Obviously, the departure of Hartley Sawyer changes this trajectory. That said, The Flash may have the opportunity to advance with Sue’s story in season 7. Although the dismissal of Ralph’s interpreter creates a situation in which the story that closes the events of season 6 will certainly require some changes, the series could find a way to explain his absence and instead focus on Sue who is trying to “save herself” from Eva’s false accusations. In addition, it is possible that the producers decide to recast a new actor to interpret Ralph Dibny. Ralph’s metahuman powers as an Elongated Man allow him to change form. It is possible that the series creates a compelling reason for Ralph to permanently change his appearance – after all, he has a somewhat shady past … For the moment, the mystery remains and the Arrowverse must also manage the departure of Ruby Rose in Batwoman …



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