Fans have launched a petition to have Hartley Sawyer rehired in The Flash after the actor was fired due to racist and misogynistic tweets.

The news was like a bomb … Hartley Sawyer, who played Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man, was fired from The Flash on Tuesday June 9 after racist and misogynist tweets resurfaced. These messages were posted between 2012 and 2014 and although they were deleted, the producers of The Flash have made the decision to send him back. Hartley Sawyer joined the Flash team in 2014. Given his penchant for corruption, Ralph initially faced Barry Allen. However, as the two reluctantly started working together, Ralph’s character moved from an antagonist to a protagonist. In the Season Finale of season 6 of The Flash, Sue and Ralph got closer and teamed up … Their romance had to be explored in season 7 which frustrates the fans!

What future for Ralph Dibny?

There was a contingent of fans who opposed the dismissal of Hartley Sawyer. Now these fans have launched a petition requesting that the actor be reinstated in The Flash. The motivation behind the petition, which has 2000 signatures to date, is that the dismissal of Hartley Sawyer was unfair and that the actor could have grown as a person in the years following the publication of the tweets. , at this early stage, how the layoff of Hartley Sawyer will affect season 7 of The Flash. Will Ralph Dibny’s character be recast or will he die? Fans are worried but it is unlikely that the actor will be reinstated in the casting of the Arrowverse series.



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