Steve Rogers’ Shield will experience several new owners in the MCU’s future!

Will Captain America’s shield be in the wrong hands in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ? Obviously, the government will seek to oust Steve Rogers through US Agent in the series for this reason detailed here. Although it is currently impossible to know the intentions of this character, at least he is known for his inglorious past in the comics … But Marvel Studios having a habit of adapting theorigin story superheroes at the time of their passage from the comic books to the screen, it is not yet known whether John Walker will be on the right side or the wrong side in the MCU. However, we already know that he will fight with the famous Steve Rogers accessory, the proof with this new behind-the-scenes video of the series!

Shared on Twitter by GAFollowers, the footage was filmed from the balcony of a building in Atlanta, Georgia, and shows actor Wyatt Russell in the middle of a duel with an unknown opponent. No trace of Sam Wilson (Anthony mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), whose story will not end at the end of the Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but the two superheroes are probably not far away. Especially since according to rumors, the characters of the MCU will be rather skeptical of this new vigilante of whom they do not know much, and who does not inspire their confidence.. Unfortunately, before discovering the end of the story, viewers will be forced to wait until the series airs on Disney +, the date of which is still unknown. Frustrating!


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