The Eternals trailer gave us a first glimpse of the Domo, the spaceship used by divine beings to travel to earth. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Information about of the Eternals are becoming more and more numerous! After finding out how long the Marvel blockbuster will last, we’re going to take a look at the Domo, the spaceship used by the Eternals to get to earth. So, what should we know about this more than particular machine? Decorator Eve Stewart explained to Screen Rant that the design of the Domo is inspired by sacred geometry. Marvel realized that triangles and circles were recurring shapes reproduced in all religions of the world; the studios have therefore incorporated them into the general appearance of the Domo. As for the precious materials used within it, they are inspired by meteor dust, which is why they shine and are very enigmatic.

The Eternals
The Eternals – Credit (s): Marvel

The film trailer allowed us to discover several parts of the Domo. One of them, the most striking, is that of a meeting room, whose walls are covered with patterns and symbols, which represent each of the Eternals. “This room has become a kind of cathedral for the Eternals. Here they put on their superhero costumes and the light comes through them. This place is like a window between earth and space.”, details the decorator. The trailer also shows Makkari’s (loaded) bedroom, in which you can see many books and artifacts. And for good reason, the latter can “read up to 1200 pages per minute” and she loves “collect objects that have aroused his interest”. We can’t wait to learn more about all the peculiarities of this spaceship, but while waiting for the release of the film, Salma Hayek (Ajak) speaks of a threat to come far greater than the deviants.


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