Real forgetfulness of the studios or misunderstood reference? The presence of a cameraman in the teaser for The Eternals did not fail to intrigue fans of the MCU.

It was with palpable excitement that fans of the MCU were finally able to experience a first teaser for the film The Eternals. A brief glimpse of course, but it was nonetheless quickly dissected by their sharp eyes. So that some have noticed the presence of a cameraman in one of the shots of the superhero group. Did Marvel Studios really let slip such a mistake? From them that would be quite surprising, but it would not however be the first time that a studio has omitted this type of detail. Remember Game Of Thrones and the famous Starbucks goblet forgotten in the decor! However, in the case of Eternal, this would not be a mistake.

In Jack Kirby’s comics, the character of Kingo is a well-known actor in Japan and often followed by a team of cameramen, so that they can film his every exploits. In the MCU version, Kingo, played by Kumail Nanjiani, is a Bollywood actor, so it is very likely that the presence of a camera by his side is in reference to his character’s origins, and not a mistake on the part of Marvel Studios. In another shot of the teaser we can also see a man with a camcorder in his hands standing near Kingo. In addition to this first look at the MCU’s new superheroes, these are the official titles of Captain marvel 2 and of Black panther 2, as well as the release date of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 that have been revealed.

Credit: Marvel Studios, Comicbook
Other files: Marvel studios


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