Season 3 of The Boys is not yet here that Homelander is already causing problems …

While we told you a few days ago which character will be even more present in season 3 of The Boys, today we come back to one of the main characters and its consequences in the real world. This is Homelander, the super racist and sociopath who continues to disgust us more and more as the signed series Prime Video advanced. The problem is, for some viewers, Homelander isn’t the villain of the story., but his hero … Indeed during a recent march in support of Donald Trump in Washington, several supporters of the former president of the United States wore a Homelander costume.

Apparently for some Trump supporters, the fact that Homelander is racist, xenophobic and in addition sleeping with a Nazi is welcome, since they go so far as to compare the figure of the former president with that of the character of The Boys. When we say that things are bad at the moment … Suffice to say that the discomfort is great, and the creator of the series Eric Kripke as well as Anthony Starr, who plays Homelander, did not hesitate to express their total incomprehension in the face of this kind of behavior. We suspect in any case that as long as some people do not see Homelander as the incarnation of evil – which it is – things will not be about to improve … Until good news, according to this theory on Season 3 of The Boys, Homelander could be killed by Butcher but in a special way.


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