Not sure everyone will get by by the end of Season 2 of The Boys …

Whether during season 1, or since the start of season 2, the series The Boys has proven that she is really not afraid to kill certain characters (marine mammals either). So much so that one wonders who are next on the list of creator Eric Kripke and his team. The flagship members of the Seven are already scratching such as the Protector, Black Noir, Queen Maeve, A-Train, Stella and the Fishman. It is the same with the team of Boys, because it is difficult to imagine the series taking the risk of killing a character like Butcher or Hughie. However, there are others for whom the days may be numbered. We let you discover our list of potential victims just below (beware of spoilers!).

Becca Butcher

Becca Butcher in season 1 of The Boys
Becca Butcher in season 1 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Video

Now that Butcher knows his wife is alive, but owned by Vought, we imagine that season 2 will be the occasion for the two lovers to be finally reunited. This sweet reunion after eight years of separation could however be cut short by the death of Becca. She could be killed in cold blood by the Protector, to be murdered by Vought, or simply find yourself caught in the crossfire. She could also lose her life while trying to protect her son Ryan. His death could snowball, affecting not only Butcher, who would lose all control, but also Ryan, who could then choose to misuse his superpowers.


The introduction of Stormfront in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

We almost liked this new character, but that was before we found out she was racist and visibly shared Stormfront ideas from comics The Boys. Although we adore Aya Cash’s performance as this loathsome Super, we fear not to find her in Season 3. Stormfront seems to be hitting the Protector’s system, which could end up wearing her down. prejudice. She could also be killed by the Girl, who will undoubtedly want to avenge the death of her brother. It would also be better for the Boys (and everyone) if the dreaded Stormfront quickly disappeared …

Stan edgar

Stan Edgar in season 2 of The Boys
Stan Edgar in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Amazon Prime

In the aftermath of Madelyn Stillwell’s tragic disappearance, things have been taken over with an iron fist by Stan Edgar, the mysterious man at the head of Vought. A hell of a character who is far from being impressed by the Protector’s whims. Precisely, he did not really make a friend of the latter. When we know what the superhero was able to do to Madelyn, nothing really holds him back from dealing with the case of dear Stan.


Ryan in season 2 of The Boys
Ryan in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Video

In the best-case scenario, young Ryan is having happy days with his mother, but it’s hard to fully believe in this idyllic ending. Just like Becca, he too could find himself caught in the crossfire, or die while trying to protect her. He could also choose to join his father at Vought’s house, which could put him in trouble and lead to his downfall. Unless Butcher decides to get rid of him, but we want to believe that he is not capable of such an act …


Grace Mallory in season 1 of The Boys
Grace Mallory in season 1 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Vidéo

Alone against all, the Boys team was able to benefit from the help of the CIA thanks to the deputy director Susan Raynor. The latter’s head having exploded, they are left with only the one who formed and trained their group, Grace Mallory. Are his days also numbered? She has already lost part of her family to her fight against Vought, so we imagine her name is still on their records. Helping Butcher and his gang again poses a huge risk for the former CIA agent, and she might just join the Super Victims Club.

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