Fans of The Boys are unhappy with the show’s new way to air and are making it known.

Since September 4, you can find season 2 of The Boys on Prime Video, but not in its entirety. Unlike Season 1, new episodes air on a weekly basis. This new organization is precisely what poses a problem for fans of the series. Unhappy with having to wait a week between each new episode, they did not hesitate to show their anger with severe comments and bad marks. Thus, the series currently has 2.7 stars out of 5 out of Prime Video, a large contrast to the 98% obtained on Rotten Tomatoes. Negative feedback that somewhat saddened the team of the series, who nevertheless thought they had been clear on this new mode of distribution.

The Boys gang
The Boys’ Band – Credit (s): Amazon Prime

Interviewed by The Wrap, the creator of the series, Eric Kripke, was able to explain this choice “I understand that people are disappointed, but I think they have to understand that this is not Amazon’s attempt to make more money, it is coming from the producers. Whether they like it or not, they have to at least respect the fact that the people who make the show wanted it to be shown that way because we wanted to kind of slow down and give time to discuss everything that was going on. So they could at least be sensitive to the fact that it’s a creative choice. “ We must admit that taking a series down just because it doesn’t air all at once seems to be closer to whim than to constructive criticism. Hope the quality of season 2 episodes of The Boys will nevertheless know how to appease the dissatisfied.

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