Should we expect Lamplighter to betray the Seven in season 2 of The Boys?

It’s an announcement that caused a sensation last week: an actor of the X-Men saga, Shawn Ashmore, joined the cast of season 2 of the series Amazon Prime, The Boys. A news that did not fail to arouse once again the curiosity of fans around the crazy show created by Eric Kripke but also around the role that the superhero Lamplighter will play alongside the Seven. A former star member of this league owned by Vought International, it would not be surprising if Lamplighter could subsequently ally with the Boys in season 2. A possibility that does not appear so surprising, Starlight having finally chosen his camp at the end of the first burst of episodes.

The Boys.
The Boys. – Credit (s): Amazon Prime

Like his female counterpart, Lamplighter could return to the group to infiltrate the team and more particularly the global company controlled by Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito). The reason in question? The character soon to be played by Shawn Ashmore could harbor old resentment vis-à-vis Vought International after being fired by management. Able to control fire, Lamplighter appears particularly threatening and could also want to regain the place now occupied by Homelander. He could also have behaved in a dangerous or inappropriate manner, as was the case with the Pisces Man, who was sidelined after complaints of sexual assault. In the past, Lamplighter could have put the lives of many people in jeopardy, several events forcing Vought to fire the principal.

Homelander in The Boys.
Homelander in The Boys. – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

The Boys would then use Lamplighter’s personal reasons to ask for his help, a ploy already seen in Season 1 when Butcher’s team had offered up Mesmer’s services. Nevertheless, this scriptwriting spring has already been the subject of the first episodes just like Starlight’s betrayal of the Seven. Therefore, if Lamplighter were to spy on the group of superheroes on behalf of the Boys, the creative teams should however bring novelty in terms of plot. Besides that, it is not certain that the character of Shawn Ashmore can ally with Butcher, Hughie and company. The superhero could represent a major threat for them, having been called in by Stan Edgar. A former member of the Seven, Lamplighter could serve as a guide for the group and control their image which is likely to wither quickly if the Boys come to act.

Stan Edgar in The Boys season 2.
Stan Edgar in The Boys season 2. – Credit (s): Amazon Prime

Scheduled from September 4 on Amazon Prime, season 2 of The Boys In any case promises to be rich in twists and turns. If we still do not know how and for what precise reason Lamplighter will land alongside the Seven, this mysterious character should spark (in every sense of the word). This combined with the arrival of Stormfront, whose origins have been teased in a new extract, should create a crazy cocktail. What once again arouses our curiosity while we can not wait to understand the real intentions of the characters!


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