The craziest superhero series The Boys is finally back on Prime Video for a very promising season 2.

Diabolical ! Series The Boys is finally back on Prime Video for a season 2 which promises to be the most unexpected. Who says new chapter also says small change, since this time only the first three episodes were broadcast on the platform, as a season premiere. As for the next five episodes, they will be unveiled week after week, thus making the pleasure last. Or rather to make us think about two twists and turns … and there are already some in this season premiere! So, are these first episodes worth the detour? We won’t make the suspense last long, for us the answer is yes.

Extract from season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

It is in a very bad position that we find the Boys team, which tries somehow to stay away from the radars of the police, and especially those of the superheroes of Vought. Nerves are on edge and tension is quickly created within the group. Tensions which are far from diminishing a notch when Butcher (Karl Urban) finally makes his comeback. This arrival does not fail to displease Hughie (Jack Quaid), still sorry to have been cowardly abandoned by the latter. Besides the Seven, the lack of cohesion of Boys is arguably their greatest enemy, and dangerously jeopardizes their mission. However, their complicated situation will more than ever require them to remain united and to think about the interests of the group. Which may not be a reflex easy to assimilate for all …

Extract from season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

Things are not easy on Vought’s side either, where the arrivals of Stormfront (Aya Cash) and Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) will annoy the Protector (Antony Starr), eager to control everything. From the start of the first episode, we have the feeling of never having left the band formed by Butcher, Hughie, Cream (Laz Alonso), the French (Tomer Capon) and the Girl (Karen Fukuhara). We are once again embarked in the completely crazy universe of The Boys, thus giving an impression of an immediate sequel to Season 1. In just three episodes, the Prime Video series sets the pace and already includes its share of surprises. We are also witnessing an evolution of the characters, in particular those of Hughie and Butcher, who reveal a still little explored aspect of their personality. This season 2 of The Boys therefore makes a more than promising debut that leaves us with only one desire: to already see the rest. Meeting next week !


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