As The Blacklist’s return draws near, fans are wondering about Season 8. Megan Boone has provided a key detail on upcoming episodes.

Season 8 of The Blacklist returns this fall on NBC after a shortened Season 7 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The rest of the series promises to be thrilling … After the final twist of season 7 of The Blacklist, many questions remain unanswered. Could Reddington die from his health problems? Will he find out about Liz’s betrayal who sided with his mother? There is also a detail from Season 8 that fans keep asking Megan Boone, and which she has only just clarified. How, exactly, will The Blacklist be making a comeback? That’s a reasonable question, considering how Season 7 ended, with an animated part.

Megan Boone visited Instagram to share the answer regarding the filming of this season 8 of The Blacklist. The police drama will return on November 13 in flesh and blood. Elizabeth Keen’s interpreter explained: “People are wondering how we are going to create the S8. It will be live action, not animated. See you in November! “. However, due to its success, it would be likely that The Blacklist revisits animation in the future. The return of the FBI Task Force is near and Liz will continue to sink. Will she finally get the truth about Red’s identity? While we wait to find out more, find out if The Blacklist could survive if Red dies.

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