After seven seasons playing the terrible criminal wanted around the world, is James Spader tired of it? Is it possible for fans to say goodbye to Red? The actor responded!

The Blacklist has been around for a long time, which means that the character of Reddington too. The series has seven seasons to his credit and more than 150 episodes. So how does James Spader avoid being “submerged” by the NBC police drama? As you can imagine, playing the mysterious Raymond Reddington can take its toll … James Spader explained how he keeps his head above water after doing it for so many years. James Spader’s tasks in The Blacklist go beyond interpretation. He is also an executive producer. The actor also said he and the writers are working to stay on the same page. Besides, the interpreter of Red made some confidences to TV Guide.


Part of James Spader’s adaptation method in The Blacklist would understand to focus on his job as an actor rather than as an executive producer. He revealed: “I was very overwhelmed by all of this, and now just before a season, I feel like I am preparing myself for a great long-term race.. For me, the job of an actor is really about take the smallest increments … so I have to focus on a big part first, to get to the point. “. It’s a great strategy when you think about it, because it keeps you focused on the essentials of the moment. In any case, The Blacklist will return for a season 8 which promises to be explosive and we hope to know the true identity of Red!



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