The Batman: The new Catwoman, her relationship with Batman… How is Zoë Kravitz’s version different? (EXCLUDED)

The Batman: The new Catwoman, her relationship with Batman... How is Zoë Kravitz's version different? (EXCLUDED)

It’s March 2, in a month exactly, that you will be able to discover The Batman in dark rooms. In this new adaptation, Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) has been wearing his bat costume for only two years. You will thus meet a vigilante at the start of his career and in the middle of an investigation that will lead him to meet new people. Among the latter we find Selina Kyle alias Catwoman, one of the most emblematic characters of the Batman universe. On the occasion of the promotion of the film, Melty was able to ask Zoë Kravitz, his interpreter, as well as the producer Dylan Clark in what this new version will be different from the others.

Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) in The Batman
Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) in The Batman – Credit (s): Warner Bros.

Dylan Clark, producer of The Batmandescribed this unreleased Selina as a very modern iteration of the heroinenotably through the casting and performance of Zoë Kravitz in the role. “Zoë is for me one of the most contemporary women, she can only exist in our time. She is very contemporary, but she also has all these archetypes, she is strong, she is beautiful, but she is also soft and vulnerable. I think that Selina is really the archetype of the heroine, and the fact that Zoë embodies her brings newness, freshness. Of course the others, in particular Michelle (Pfeiffer), did an excellent job , but Zoë is very modern.”

Batman and Catwoman, a timeless duo

In the comics Batman and Catwoman form an iconic duo. A relationship as interesting as it is complex, which has often prompted them to question themselves. It is therefore quite natural than The Batman in turn explores the dynamic between the Dark Knight and Selina Kyle, as explained by Zoë Kravitz “I think they’re both outcasts, but in different ways, so it’s very interesting because they come from completely different backgrounds. I think they believe in the same thing, it’s just their way of do and the solutions they choose that are different.”

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne in The Batman
Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne in The Batman – Credit (s): Warner Bros.

She pursues “These are two people who have felt lonely all their lives, both feel a lot of anger and find it hard to relate to others. Then there’s this person who comes into their life and it’s like looking into a mirror, except you feel like breaking the mirror. It’s a really interesting dynamic. To meet someone who’s so misunderstood and has such strong ideas about the world and what’s good or bad, to feel a connecting with another human being is both exciting and scary for both of you.” The relationship between Batman and Catwoman should thus have a significant impact on the development of the two characterssomething to delight fans of this pair like no other.

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