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The Batman: Jeffrey Wright (Jim Gordon) reveals how the film is different from the others (EXCLUDED)


If there’s one superhero in the DC Comics universe that’s popular in movies, it’s Batman. It is indeed through several films that the vigilante of Gotham has distinguished himself over the years, for the best, such as the trilogy The Dark Knight for example, as for the worse with the become cult batman and robin. Next March 2, it’s a new iteration of Bruce Wayne who will land in dark rooms, interpreted this time by Robert Pattinson, long stayed away from the world of blockbusters. With a history as rich as that of Batman in the cinema, the bet is risky. If we are to believe the film crew, with whom melty had the chance to discuss, The Batman is nevertheless guaranteed to offer viewers a unique story and experience.

The new Batman – Credit(s): DC Comics, Warner Bros

For Jeffrey Wright, the interpreter of detective Jim Gordon, the difference between The Batman and the other adaptations lies above all in the fact that a whole new team was involved. “What differentiates our film from the previous ones is the fact that we did it together. The other films that came out before were made by a different group of actors, directors and artists. So these films are kind of a universe on their own, a different Gotham. What we’re doing in this movie ties into Matt Reeves’ version of Gotham and what the other actors around us are doing.” did he declare.

Bruce Wayne played by Robert Pattinson in The Batman – Credit (s): Warner Bros, DC Comics

He continued “Matt Reeves’ version of Gotham is very specific and I think it’s warranted. It’s hoped it will further the franchise’s historical arc. He chose to ground his story in a tone and energy of noir, centered on a mystery and the investigative side, particularly for Batman and Gordon, so it’s rooted in an authenticity which, I think, brings a new vision to the saga. batman is a essential character of pop culture and the universe of superheroes, which after more than 80 years of existence still continues to seduce the public.

Batman, a popular character

The popularity of the vigilante is certainly not going to wane anytime soon and can be explained according to Dylan Clark, the producer of The Batmanby his human side. He stated “There’s something about this guy who’s just someone who has a tragic past, and who does justice in a very intriguing way. His superpower is to take punishment. I think that with all the injustices in our lives, in our societies, we don’t necessarily want to be on the vigilante side because that seems a little bad, but we’re also interested in seeing this guy who has a lot of principles, rules, and I think that we want to see a person stand up to these injustices and punch them in the face.” It is true that we sometimes tend to forget it, but Bruce Wayne has no superpowers unlike the other members of the Justice League. The impact of his traumas on his way of leading his double life will be explored. in The Batman.



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