Robert Pattinson’s voice resonates in this new teaser for The Batman, announcing the imminent release of a new trailer.

“It’s not just a signal, it’s a warning.” These are the words spoken by Bruce Wayne himself, I named Robert Pattinson, in a new teaser for The batman, released upstream of the DC Fandome. No image therefore, only the sound, but we can nevertheless hear the Dark Knight explain the meaning of his Bat-signal, in addition to discovering the new voice of the vigilante, mysterious and threatening as we like it. The main purpose of this short excerpt is to remind DC Comics fans of the release of a new trailer for The batman, aired during the DC Fandom online convention.

So, failing to discover new images of the blockbuster today, you will most certainly see some this weekend. The batman should offer us a different version and interpretation of Gotham’s famous vigilante. Young and having only a short experience in the role of the Bat, this Bruce Wayne played by Robert Pattinson seems particularly inhabited, and ready to do battle with the criminals. This desire to do justice would also be a way for him to overcome the tragic loss of his parents. Remember, the new trailer for The batman it’s this Saturday during the DC Fandome, an event during which a surprise will also await fans of The Flash.

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