Episode 4 of The 100 season 7, “Hesperides”, will air on The CW tonight.

Last week in The 100 season 7, Raven took the place of Clarke by having to make crucial decisions that cost the lives of several individuals for the survival of others, in order to avoid a nuclear explosion. The young woman therefore now also has blood on her hands and should still feel bad about all this in episode 4, broadcast this evening on The CW. However, Raven and Clarke will have to ally in “Hesperides”, since they will have the right to an unexpected visit … Mysterious men, equipped with the costume that Octavia had found on the planet Beta, will disembark and bring some elements of answers on the disappearance of Bellamy, his sister, Hope, Gabriel and Echo.

In episode 4 of The 100 season 7, the inhabitants of Sanctum will succeed in capturing one of the new arrivals so that they can study it closely. Raven will therefore discover new horizons, in particular through the helmet of an individual and will be confronted with an infinity of revelations concerning the anomaly. As for Russell, will his life always be in danger in this new episode? Will chaos be felt on Sanctum? Bellamy, Echo and Gabriel will they find the way back which will guide them again towards their people? A lot of mysteries still hang around and we hope to have the right to some answers in “Hesperides”. Until we see this, find out why Raven’s story was such a big mistake in episode 3 of The 100 season 7.



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