Episode 13 of season 7 of The 100 is long overdue but it could mark the death of an important character …

While you can vote for The 100 just here to make him win the 2020 Series World Cup on melty, we wonder about the rest and in particular on episode 13 which will only be broadcast after a short break on the CW. It is on September 9 that we will be able to discover “Blood Giant” But the synopsis of episode 14 titled “A Sort of Homecoming” is already available and it could give some clues on what we will see there. According to the latter, “Clarke and his friends deal with the consequences of what just happened but quickly discover that an unexpected danger threatens them.”

Murphy and Emori
Murphy and Emori – Credit (s): the cw

So we know that something serious is going to happen in the sequel, and since the promo video for episode 13 of season 7 of The 100 shows that Clarke will be back in Sanctum, it’s for the characters on this planet. that we are worried. No need to venture far to have a few specific names in mind, and Murphy comes first. The young man has had an incredible journey in the series, from rebellious and lonely selfish to hero of Sanctum willing to sacrifice himself to save others. A journey that we fear to see stop in the next episode if a new dangerous situation arises.

John murphy
John Murphy – Credit (s): the cw

Although Murphy always did it with reluctance, he increasingly embraces his role as a leader and there is no doubt that if he had to sacrifice himself to save Emori or even Clarke, he would do so with (almost) none. hesitation. Knowing that the dangers of Sanctum and its moons are still about to fall on them, we can therefore only hope that Murphy, like the others, will remain safe. But there are not many episodes left in season 7 and the closer the final series approaches, the more we fear the death of a character particularly appreciated by fans. Especially since in the case of Murphy, this would be consistent with his evolution …


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