Season 7 of The 100 is almost over, will Bellamy have time to correct this flaw before the end?

While the 2020 Series World Cup – for which you can vote every day right here – is in full swing on melty, we come back to one of the competitors: the famous The 100. The series ends in 4 episodes and the CW has still not confirmed the order for its spin-off, so it could be that Jason Rothenberg’s universe is going through its final weeks. We wonder if, over the last few weeks, The series will revisit an undesirable personality trait of Bellamy and will take the time, if possible, to correct it before the broadcast of the final episode.

Bellamy the Disciple
Bellamy the Disciple – Credit (s): the cw

What we’re talking about is Bellamy’s “weakness” of mind. The latter is very easily convinced – even corrupted – and this has been proven several times over the past few seasons.. Whether through Jaha, Pike or Bill, Bellamy is always particularly vulnerable to moralizing speeches if they go in his direction or help him find his bearings. In season 7 of The 100, he sided with the Disciples after having a vision showing him his mother, which in itself remains understandable. The problem being that he did it at the cost of his friendship and alliance with Clarke and the others.

Yes! – Credit (s): the cw

Contrary to popular belief, Bellamy has always had more the soul of a follower than that of a leader, and he often sits behind an authority figure who gives him what he needs at a certain moment. specific. If he often returns to Clarke, whom he has learned to respect over the seasons, Bellamy remains the target of some misguidance. and one wonders if this time it will last until the end of the series. One imagines, however, that Clarke could bring him back to reality, unless for once she’s in the wrong and the Disciples are really on the “right side” of history. The answer in a few weeks …


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