While Terrence Howard was once at war with Robert Downey Junior, here’s where their conflict stands today!

A cold war? Yes the meltynauts, a few years ago, the fans were very surprised to learn that the one who lent his features to the accomplice from Iron Man in the first part of the saga was going to be replaced by Don Cheadle. But it took until 2013 to learn that Terrence Howard would have been stripped by Robert Downey Junior if we are to believe the words of the star of Empire. True or false ? Tony Stark’s interpreter has always denied being involved in this affair. But then, where are the two men today after the revelations of Terrence Howard on the set of the show? Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen ?

Robert Downey Junior and Terrence Howard in Iron Man
Robert Downey Junior and Terrence Howard in Iron Man – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Also on the same show, Terrence Howard said that “We just realized that life was too short. We both realized it. Life is too short and besides, everyone is making money now. Obviously after what I said, there was a lot of drama. They wanted to sue me. And this time, they will not be able to sue me. And I am responsible for what happened. shouldn’t have been drinking to the point of being drunk. It’s my fault. I’m the person who did this. I opened my mouth too much. “ Statements that prove that everything is better now? We hope so. In the meantime, know that Robert Downey Junior would be difficult to manage on the set.


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