Tayc is THE singer who is a hit at the moment! And if you haven’t listened to him yet, we’ll give you a little focus on his career and his best songs.

A few days ago, we reviewed Booba’s latest album. But today we would like to talk to you about another artist! Tayc has made the buzz in recent days with his new title “Time” which is very successful. This young Cameroonian artist grew up surrounded by women and he made it his favorite subject in his songs. “The king of love” (as he calls himself) deals with toxic relationships, sadness, and betrayals that come with love. And it pleases! His style, which he describes as Afro love, is a perfect balance between Afro and RnB. But how did Tayc get to the top in such a short time? At melty, we have prepared a little focus for you on this popular artist so that you know everything about him. His beginnings, his label H24, his collaborations with Camille Lellouche …. We tell you everything!

His first million: “The glass of too much” in 2017

In 2012, Tayc leaves Marseille with his family to come and settle in Ile-de-France where he continues to take dance lessons (you can see his little dance steps in his clips). He first writes songs for which he directed the clip himself with the help of one of his friends. And it was in 2017 with a track taken from his mixtape Alchimie that the young singer won his first million views thanks to his song. “The glass of too much”. Immediately the Cameroonian gains in visibility and does not take long to stand out.

His signature with the H24 label

In 2018, Barack Adama notices a post by artist Noah Lunsi who shares music “Don’t cry too much” by Tayc. The former singer of the group Sexion d’Assaut then immediately contacted Tayc to offer him a sound and sign with his label H24. The afro-style artist will then release a new Helios mixtape in 2018, followed a year later by NYXIA volumes I, II and III where the title appears. “Aloviou” with which he caused a sensation. In this new song, he is inspired by real facts to denounce the domestic violence of which many women are victims. A strong message that resonates in France where many feminicides take place each year.

Her first studio album Fleur Froide

In 2020 he finally released his first studio album entitled Fleur Froide where you can listen “Don’t think about it anymore” which will propel him to the front of the stage. In just two months, the song has accumulated 12 million views. And, in the context of a pandemic, it puts a smile on your face and becomes the sound of summer 2020.

His collaboration with Camille Lellouche

If the artist has collaborated with many artists such as Barack Adama, Christine and the Queens or Leto, we particularly remembered his featuring with Camille Lellouche. Tayc also revealed on the Mouv ‘RnB Club the story behind this meeting. And it is through his music entitled “Camille” that contact was made. Amused by the song, comedian Camille Lellouche sent a message to Tayc: “I didn’t ask you anything, but thank you!” and the rest we know! Since then, the artist has been creating successful music with recently “Time”. If the singer’s career is taking off, it may well be that Booba’s will end, on Instagram the rapper said his farewell.

Credits: Credits- Youtube Tayc / H24 music


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