We share with you the video for Tayc’s new single, “Dis moi comment”. It is a must see!

A few weeks ago, we told you that Tayc will set foot on the dance floor with the Stars 11, just like Bilal Hassani or Wejdene. Tayc’s rise is meteoric. The singer is a hit with his Afro-Love movement carried by hits like “Do not think about it anymore” or “Time” with which he had made the biggest start of the year on Spotify in 24 hours. And if the artist is currently working on a reissue of his album Cold Flower, he had once again thrilled the public by unveiling a whole new single entitled “Tell me how”. Today, the Cameroonian unveils the very sunny clip to us to discover just below.

The video made by Matéo Da Silva takes place on a beautiful beach where you can see Tayc surrounded by dancers performing magnificent choreographies. The colors of the clip are sober and refined, in white and brown tones. “I try to hate you yes but everything brings me back to you / You made me see the worst but I don’t live better without you / I want so much to run away from you, I want to know how to smile without you / Tell me how you resist” sings the artist in this holiday setting. A piece that exudes good humor and makes us want to dance! And if you like “Tell me how” then you’ll love Master KG’s new hit starring David Guetta and Akon, “Shine Your Lights” whose clip has just been released.

Crédits : Play Two


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