The new series The Walking Dead would be the perfect opportunity to bring Madison Clark back.

While several series are still fighting to win the 2020 Series World Cup – which you can still vote for every day right here – AMC continues to expand its already impressive universe. In addition to the spin-off based on Daryl and Carol, AMC will launch Tales of the Walking Dead, an anthology series that will tell the story of several characters in the franchise, whether they are completely new or old characters who have already died in their series. And we don’t need more for Hope for Madison Clark’s Return (played by Kim Dickens) of Fear The Walking Dead.

Madison Clark
Madison Clark – Credit (s): amc

In our opinion – and quite a few fans – Madison was killed way too early in Fear The Walking Dead while Dave Erickson was building a good dynamic. Madison’s sacrifice was certainly made for her children Nick and Alicia, but seeing her more on the show would have clearly been beneficial. That’s why she’s obviously on the list of potential characters who could make a comeback in the new spin-off.. Fascinating and charismatic, Madison very quickly proved herself as a survivor, even under the worst conditions like a zombie apocalypse.

Alicia and Madison
Alicia and Madison – Credit (s): amc

We saw how she adapted to the zombie epidemic and then how she died, but it could be interesting to see an episode focused on an important turning point in her adventure … Unless of course a special episode of Tales of the Walking Dead take the opportunity to reveal that Madison is still alive, and that it will play in the next seasons of Fear The Walking Dead. After all, everything is linked and we have already seen that AMC tries as much as possible to extend its horizon. In any case, regardless of its plot, we would be delighted to see Madison Clark on screen again, even for a single episode … Until we know if that will happen, we wondered if Daryl and Carol will be a couple in their new spin-off of The Walking Dead.


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