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Everything separates The Walking Dead And The Bridgerton Chronicles. The two series are part of radically different universes, exploring completely opposite genres. We can nevertheless be a fan of one or the other. It would also be fun to know if zombie hunters assiduously watch Shonda Rhimes' original creation, the third season of which will arrive on the Netflix platform next May. Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimesmakes no secret of having binge-watched it for prepare to fight the undead in the spin-off dedicated to his character and Michonne (Danai Gurira), The One Who Liveswhich will begin broadcasting on February 25 on the American channel ABC.

These surprising Bridgerton fans

Invited to speak at a round table organized by the Television Critic's Association, the actor also famous for starring in the romantic comedy Love Actually made this very surprising revelation: We watched a lot of Bridgerton. This story has been in the making for a long time and I love this character and this love story. After all, the DNA of the first episode of The Walking Dead is a man in search of his family. Would the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comics be “the most romantic series” of television history? The question deserves to be raised, according to the interpreter of Rick Grimes who underlined the crucial contribution of his partner on screen to give “the rhythm of this love story”. However, we doubt that the idea would come to a showrunner to propose a crossover between the two programs…

Why is Bridgerton season 3 already causing a lot of talk?

For the third chapter of The Bridgerton Chronicles, the writers decided to devote their attention to Colin, a character played by Luke Newton. The controversial choice did not put all fans in agreement. Some simply denounce it as a waste before even being able to watch season 3. Another production decision, however, brought some relief to their hearts. It was decided to hide a grossophobic plot which saw Colin Bridgerton fall under the spell of a Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) with a few pounds less. Despite everything, aficionados of the series would have preferred that the next round of episodes focused more on Benedict or Eloise. See you in spring on the platform at the red N!

The Walking Dead: this flagship character returns in the new spin-off Follow us

When there are more, there are more. After the spin-offs Fear the Walking Dead, Dead Cityfocused on Maggie And Neganor even the eponymous one on Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead continues to weave its web. On February 25, 2024, the spin-off series about Rick and Michonne, titled The Ones Who Livewill be released in the United States. A show centered on the two heroes – and survivors – of the parent series. But Rick and Michonne are not the only returners in this spin-off. Attention, spoilers

In fact, the very serious American media Entertainment Weekly published a photo of The Ones Who Live on which we can see Pollyanna McIntosh aka Jadis. Who is that ? But if, remember, Jadis, the adjutant of the CRMcold and calculating villain, solitary and creepy, with a Miss France 2024 haircut. HAS unless it is the opposite! Her interpreter, Pollyanna McIntosh, returns to service in this future spin-off of TWD.

The Walking Dead : why this protagonist returns in the spin-off

The main interested party tease his return to The Ones Who Live : “That was always the plan because we wanted to see Rick, right? The question I've been asked the most in my everyday life for over four years is: 'But what did you do with Rick?'Scott Gimple, showrunner of this new spin-off series, tells EW:This new adventure pushes its story into the craziest and most unexpected corners.” Of teasing smoking in due form. But, we must admit that we can't wait to find Rick, Michonne but also Jadis, from now on. Small downside however: The Walking Dead – The Ones Who Live does not have a French release date set for the moment. Until then, you can binge the spinoff miniseries The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixonjust to be up to date and wait before the next spin-off of TWD.

The Walking Dead: we know when the spin-off on Daryl will be released in France! Follow us

The Walking Deadhas not yet bowed out when AMC announces the development of a spin-off series dedicated to Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). We are in September 2020. The network entrusts the heavy task of carrying out the project to showrunner David Zabel, while Scott Gimple (Fear the Walking Dead) inherits the position of executive producer. Filming began in the streets of Paris a few months later and continued at Mont Saint-Michel, the spin-off following the misadventures of its eponymous character across a France “fractured but resilient”as the official synopsis of the series indicates.

Broadcast from September 15, 2023 in the United States, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon was long overdue in France. Where was the new series derived from Robert Kirkman’s universe going to land? Last August and September, our colleagues from Tele-Leisure reported that it would not be broadcast on OCS, Prime Video, Canal+ and Netflix. It was ultimately Paramount+ which landed the golden contract. The first two episodes of the series will be posted online on the platform from November 10, two months after the broadcast of the show on the other side of the Atlantic.

Why The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will thrill you

Daryl Dixon’s program does not look easy after The Walking Dead. In an interview published by TV InsiderGreg Nicotero, one of the producers, directors and makeup artists of the series, reveals that the man with the crossbow will face a new race of ruthless undead. “These zombies have evolved to the point that if they touch you or bite you, or their blood infects you, you will burn significantly. This new aspect will change all the rules of survival,” he specifies. To fans who are quivering with impatience: know that this fifth spin-off of The Walking Dead has already been renewed for a second season.

Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne get a worrying teaser for their spin-off Follow us

The Walking Dead continues to extend its extended universe with many spin-off series. After the one on Negan And Maggiethe solo adventures of Daryl in France, now Rick And Michonne pay themselves a teaser worrying for their own spin-off titled The Ones Who Live. They are the survivors, again and again. Against all odds.

In fact, Rick and Michonne, always camped by the indestructible Andrew Lincoln And Danai Gurira, are back in the bins. We find these two key characters from the parent series, The Walking Deadafter a relatively trying finale but which reveals new days for the two star-crossed lovers. But not necessarily good days in a bright future.

Walking Dead : when will we be able to see The Ones Who Live ?

Thus, Rick and Michonne are scattered like a puzzle in this new spin-off of The Walking Dead. The two warriors never appear together in the previously unseen footage shown in this famous teaser. The reason ? The two are still looking for each other, obviously, despite the finale of TWD. As a reminder, in the eleventh and final season of the original series, Michonne had to find Rick who had been kidnapped by the terrible CRM organization. We can imagine that this spin-off will reveal the paths taken by Michonne to find Rick who would still be in bad shape. The Walking Dead – The Ones Who Live will be broadcast from February 2024 on the American channel AMC as usual. For the moment, no French release date has been set but we can perhaps hope for a release within 24 hours. The day after the American release. To be continued…