The Penguin: What if the villain of The Batman was Gotham’s Tony Montana? Follow us

The Batman Part. II is looming on the horizon of Gotham but its theatrical release is not yet imminent. Do not panic. The first film, released in 2022featuring Robert Pattinson in the title role, is entitled to its spin-off. This is a spin-off series centered on The Penguin played in the matrix film by Colin Farrell. The most American of Irish actors puts on the costume – and the prosthetics – for a future show mixing power, money and respect. All this against a backdrop inspired by the original comics and over which hovers all the mythology of American gangster films. The filming of The Penguinwhich will be released on HBO, has just resumed in the United States. And the series promises to be as explosive as it is Dantesque. Or how The Penguin is the Tony Montana of Gotham.

The Penguin : an atypical spin-off choice

Seeing The Batmanin the cinema, we did not imagine that the production would count on a spin-off series to begin a BatVerse stammering before the release of The Batman Part.II. But so be it. On the other hand, we didn’t imagine at all that the producers were going to take The Penguin as the anti-hero of the spin-off. Indeed, it was not the antagonist of the original film who stood out the most. It even clearly takes a back seat after the ambiguous Catwoman and the terrifying Mystery Man. Or even fourth if we count the Godfather of Gotham, Carmine Falcone. In a quasi-post-credits scene, we also discover a horrible Joker locked in the asylumArkham. In short, The Penguin, a sort of sub-mafioso under the thumb of the terrible Falcone, has the air of jester from the court of miracles. It was without counting on the charisma obvious from his interpreter, Colin Farrell, totally unrecognizable in the guise of the famous villain of the universe Batmanto give it a thickness tragic And ambitious.

The Penguin or Tony Montana of Gotham

So, at the end of The Batmanafter the assassination of Falcone, The Penguin finds himself caliph in place of the caliph. We see him contemplating Gotham from his penthouse, through a bay window, seeing the future slowly arrive in the palm of his hand. A scene which is reminiscent of another in the cult mafia film, The King of New Yorkproduced by a specialist in the genre, Abel Ferrara. We quickly understand that the production wants to make the super-villain an antagonist less cartoonish than some of these past adaptations. Or even a bad guy more naturalistic which contrasts with that of Danny DeVito In Batman – The Challenge. A villain imbued with emblematic figures of American gangster cinema. You only have to see his jowls reminiscent of those of Marlon Brando In The Godfather. Furthermore, in his criminal rise, we can only think of that of Tony Montana, a small-time thug who became a drug lord, played by Al Pacino, in the masterpiece Scarface released in 1983. Obviously, both, Tony and The Penguin, are taken for useful idiots at the start. They are mistreated by their employers, sent to carry out menial tasks. Then the wheel turns. The cards change hands. And power is taken by force. In Miami as in Gotham.

The filming of The Penguin resumes more beautifully

Necessarily, The Penguin will never have the baroque and neo-kitsch aura of Scarface of Brian DePalma. Times have changed and the two mediums are polar opposites. But a mini-series about The Penguin in 2024 can be compared to a gangster movie in the 80s. Filming of this ambitious series was stopped, like many others, for several months from May 2023. The reason? There strike Hollywood screenwriters followed by that of industry actors. A social discontent, legitimate and important in a changing Hollywood, which Colin Farrell himself joined! We could see the interpreter of The Penguin parading with signs taunting the studios. Today, things have (a little) improved. An agreement has been (more or less) reached between the two parties in dispute. And the filming of The Penguin has resumed on the streets of New York since February 1, 2024. For the moment, The Penguin still has no release date set. More complicated: we don’t really know how the series will be released here. Either via the Warner Pass (paid) on Prime Video. Either on the official HBO platform, Max, which is not yet available in France. One thing is certain: The Penguin plots his revenge without the shadow of Gotham.