Stranger Things season 4: did Will create the Upside Down unintentionally? This theory proves it

Do not search anymore ! According to this hypothesis, Will would be the one and only responsible for the Upside Down in Stranger Things.

This is the question that all fans of the Netflix series ask themselves. Namely: who invented the Upside Down and how it could evolve in the next episodes of Stranger Things season 4? A question that has not ceased to intrigue serivores since the launch of the show. And for good reason, it is one of the most important elements of the series and yet we know almost nothing about it. And if some Internet users claim that this parallel world is the post-apocalyptic version of the human world, another more recent theory points to Will Byer (Noah schnapp) as being the one and only responsible for the Upside Down. We explain to you!

Will Byer and his obsession with Dungeons and Dragons
Will Byer and his obsession with Dungeons and Dragons – Credit (s): Netflix

On Reddit, user named Bloodylollipops explained the following hypothesis: It is poor Will’s obsession with the Dungeons and Dragons board game that is responsible for creating the Upside Down. Indeed, during his childhood the latter would have accidentally created this parallel world thanks to the strength of his subconscious and his overflowing imagination. Since the young boy loves to draw and tell stories, he may well have been able to create another version of the game in his mind, which he then would have filled with monsters for more fun. A theory that is also based on the fact that in Dungeons and Dragons, the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer really exist and are portrayed as powerful Demon Princes.

Will Byer and his friends in Stranger Things
Will Byer and his friends in Stranger Things – Credit (s): Netflix

Then, the user goes on to stress the fact that the abduction of Will by the Demogorgon is not due to chance. Indeed, the alternative world eventually recognized the young boy as its founder and decided to kidnap him “in order to keep it safe“. Not to mention that if Will manages to make it out of the Upside Down alive, it is only because, being its creator, he is the only one who knows how to survive there for several days in a row. Finally, regarding his possession in Season 2, this is for the fan: “a way to keep him connected to their dimension to make sure he’s alive, while still having an open window to our world to commit a lot of murder.”. A really creepy theory! What do you think ? While waiting to learn more, also discover these four theories that could explain the return of Sergeant Hopper in Stranger Things season 4.

Game of Thrones season 8: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime) confides in the controversial end of his character

Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has defended showrunners regarding Jaime’s death in Game of Thrones season 8.

Last August, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau said he was disappointed with the death of Jaime Lannister in season 8 of Game Of Thrones. Addressing the site Variety, the latter said he understood the reaction of fans who wanted “a more dramatic death for his character”. Better, the star even added, laughing, wanting to donate to the petition that was working at the time to push the channel HBO to return the end of the mythical series : “I think if you are a passionate fan it was really upsetting that it ended like this”. But these words do not prevent the actor from also understanding the artistic decision of David Benioff and DB Weiss regarding the end of the narrative arc of Cersei’s brother.

The death of Cersei and Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones season 8
The death of Cersei and Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones season 8 – Credit (s): hbo

Indeed, speaking in the book Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon written by James Hibberd, the actor lent his support to showrunners before explaining why he found Jaime’s death to be fair and logical. “You wonder if he has changed and if he managed to escape this destructive relationship. But he’s eternally tied to that code of honor that says ‘family first’. He and Cersei have a strong bond at all levels. He has to go back, she’s all alone, he’s all alone, Cersei only has him left so he has to try to save her. It makes sense even if you don’t want to … did he declare. Before adding: “It would have been wonderful if he and Brienne could live together. But he said it himself as he left: Have you ever strayed from a fight? I have to do it”. Also find out which other actor of Game Of Thrones let loose regarding the disappointing conclusion of Season 8.

The Umbrella Academy season 2: the Netflix series heavily criticized about Ben

A controversy launched by the interpreter of Ling in Mulan swells on the networks around Ben in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy.

If season 2 of The Umbrella Academy allowed us to learn more about the intentions of the Time Commission, it also put more forward Ben, the character played by Justin H. Min. Series Netflix had already been criticized about Number 6 due to the lack of intervention from this member of the Hargreeves family. If the criticisms have been heard for season 2, the controversy around Ben is once again revived by Jimmy Wong, the interpreter of Ling in the live-action remake of Mulan. What he particularly criticizes The Umbrella Academy ? To contribute to the phenomenon of “Silent Asian”, consisting of putting Asian actors and actresses in the background.

Ben and Klaus
Ben and Klaus – Credit (s): Netflix

For him, it has become a habit to describe Asian characters as dark and mysterious; a way of doing things that is seriously starting to make him angry. The actor doesn’t just blame The Umbrella Academy, he also points to the series The Boys – broadcast on Amazon Prime Video – which would use the same codes with the character of Kimiko. While fans totally approve of the idea that Asian protagonists are often devoid of dialogue in movies and series, The Umbrella Academy has the opportunity to be a game-changer with Ben in Season 3. Teased as the leader of Sparrow Academy, the new Number 6 could finally take center stage. Otherwise, check out the theory Justin H. Min supports about Ben’s death in The Umbrella Academy !

Emily In Paris: If Season 2 Is Confirmed, Here’s What Creator Darren Star Is Planning For Emily

If Netflix has still not announced the renewal of Emily In Paris for a season 2, Darren Star is teasing the rest of the plot for Emily and Gabriel.

Fans anxiously await the green light from Netflix for season 2 by Emily In Paris ! After the cliffhanger of the first episodes, the public is curious to discover the rest of the adventures of the little American in Paris. Emily will find herself in the midst of a romantic and friendly dilemma, when you have been deciphered the message from Camille that occurred during the finale ofEmily In Paris. The one who expects more than anything downstream from the streaming platform is of course the creator of the show: Darren Star. Near E! News, he said he has many ideas for the next episodes: “I think Emily has some surprising and difficult choices to make”. So far, no big revelations, but the creator explains that the heroine could very well consider leaving her life of rhinestones and glitter in Paris to return to Chicago.

Emily In Paris
Emily In Paris – Credit (s): Netflix

If round trips between these two large cities are therefore not impossible, Darren Star intends in any case to continue to play on the cultural differences between America and France: “The series really touches on how culture is shaking its expectations of how things are and what they appear to be. Nothing is ever as she imagines it. It’s about always bringing it to the fore. challenge his American point of view “. However, Emily should fit better in the next episodes, becoming almost a full-fledged Parisian. : “She will behave a bit more like a city resident and she will have more feet on the ground. She will really make her life there”, he confides to Oprah Magazine. As for his relationship with Gabriel (and incidentally Camille), the creator prefers to keep the mystery … While waiting to learn more, prove that you’re not a redneck by doing a faultless on this quiz Emily In Paris !

Friends: Those awkward moments when Monica and Ross forgot they were brother and sister

If Friends emphasized friendships, the sitcom also portrayed the dynamic brother / sister with Ross and Monica … who many times forgot that they were from the same family!

If a line of Friends said by Jennifer Aniston and misunderstood for 20 years required some explanation, it is because the famous friendly sitcom continues to be analyzed and often taken as an example of television success. It must be said that the 236 episodes of the series have something to occupy the fans who would see themselves as part of this band of friends. But while friendly relations have been strongly portrayed, Ross’s bond with brother and sister Monica has at times slipped onto rather awkward ground.

Ross was the first boy Monica kissed

Friends: Those awkward moments when Monica and Ross forgot they were brother and sister

The Terrible Achievement of Monica, Chandler and Ross – Credit (s): Warner Bros / NBC

In Episode 11 of Season 10, Ross and Chandler attend their college alumni reunion. And while they argue over a former joint crush (played by Ellen Pompeo, pre Grey’s Anatomy), the two friends, along with Monica, make a terrible achievement: the first boy the young woman kissed was none other than Ross, her own brother ! A hard to digest “mistake”!

They play Strip Happy Days together

Strip Poker made in Friends
Strip Poker made in Friends – Credit (s): Warner Bros / NBC

We like the idea that a brother and a sister are part of the same group of friends but when these same friends play a game where you have to undress – here the very original Strip Happy Days in the finale of season 3 – it is strange to note that Ross and Monica don’t mind potentially seeing each other naked.

Monica wants to see the video where Ross sleeps with Rachel

Monica seems very interested in her brother's tape!
Monica seems very interested in her brother’s tape! – Credit (s): Warner Bros

In season 8, Ross learns that he is the father of Rachel’s child. After this revelation, the two terrible lovers argue over who seduced the other when the character played by David Schwimmer admits having a video of the scene. So everyone wants to see Ross and Rachel making love, including Monica

Ross surprised Monica in the shower

Friends: Those awkward moments when Monica and Ross forgot they were brother and sister

Ross surprises Monica in the shower – Credit (s): Warner Bros / NBC

In episode 20 of season 3, Phoebe’s cardboard house catches fire. Ross takes charge of the fire and hastily carries the toy to the shower – with Monica in it – to put out the flames. Later, she confides in Ross that she was just “checking” the different functions of the shower head. Embarrassed, his brother accepts this explanation while the audience understands half-horrified, half-amused what just happened.

They are too affectionate towards each other

Monica and Ross very close!
Monica and Ross very close! – Credit (s): Warner Bros / NBC

Throughout the ten seasons of Friends, whose return has once again been postponed, Ross and Monica kissed each other on the mouth several times – briefly to say goodbye but still – were often sitting next to each other with their arms around each other’s waist or shoulder and finally Courteney Cox’s character has been found on her brother’s lap very frequently. Here again very tendentious attitudes between two members of the same family!

You season 3: An actor from Felicity & Grey’s Anatomy joins the cast

The cast of season 3 of You is growing again with a new actor: Scott Speedman. But what will be its role?

The filming of season 3 of You is about to begin, if it is not already the case, with an end expected in April 2021. And as much to say that we look forward to knowing more about the new adventures of the psychopathic couple formed by Joe and Love, who is pregnant. But one thing is certain, they will be well surrounded for this new season! While we recently learned that two new actors joined Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in the cast of season 3 of You, namely Shalita Grant (NCIS: New Orleans, Santa Clarita Diet) and Travis Van Winkle (90210, The Last Ship ), another actor completes the picture in the person of Scott Speedman (Felicity, Grey’s Anatomy). He will embody a man named Matthew, who is none other than a CEO, husband and father “uncommunicative”, according to Netflix’s official description.

Scott Speedman to play CEO Matthew in Season 3 of You
Scott Speedman will play a CEO named Matthew in Season 3 of You – Credit (s): TNT

The character of Scott speedman is also described as someone from “reserved, sometimes mysterious, and who has a tendency to withdraw, which hides a deep well of emotion below”.
It is quite possible that this Matthew will cross paths with the new character of Travis Van Winkle, a rich man named Cary. “who invites Joe into his inner circle”. As for Shalita Grant, she will play an influencer mom named Sherry, who seems down to earth but is actually a mean woman who only claims to welcome Love into her social circle. One thing’s for sure, these three new characters had better not piss off Joe and Love too much if they don’t want to end up ripped apart. In the meantime, we hope that these new episodes will give us the answers we expect in the series You!

Grey’s Anatomy season 17: Jackson, Teddy, Owen … All these characters who should leave the series

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is coming and she could get rid of these characters.

While we were returning recently to these characters who could have been BFFs in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy or even before, this time it is the characters that we no longer really want to see in the series ABC that we are interested. Yep, after 16 seasons – even though few characters have been around from the very start – fans can get bored. We feel that the writers sometimes have a little trouble finding new plots for certain characters, and even if it is always difficult to say goodbye, it is sometimes wiser to know how to renew oneself rather than to persist in vain.

Jackson avery
Jackson Avery – Credit (s): abc

Jackson Avery’s character, for example, is admittedly endearing and he has had a major role in the show since his arrival. Yet it’s been some time that all his intrigues revolve around his love life and that his role with other physicians is relatively secondary. After having subjected him to a lot of tragedies, it is possible that the writers have made the tour of his character. Even if we see them badly getting rid of him because of his financial involvement in Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, we still think that season 17 could do without him … And he is not the only one in this. case.

Again this love triangle ...
This love triangle again … – Credit (s): abc

A love triangle that has been going on for quite some time is also causing fan fatigue and after we wondered if Teddy could be pregnant again in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, now we wonder if it might not be better than ‘she just quits the show. The situation between Owen, Tom and Teddy becomes exhausting because it is too repetitive, and since Owen also seems locked in the same intrigues endlessly (baby, feelings, doubts about his feelings …), why wouldn’t Owen and Teddy leave the show together? After all, they might decide to leave Seattle to really give their family and marriage a chance, finally ending the unwanted love triangle. In fact, it could be complicated since Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd have signed a new contract that would take them until season 19, but we can always dream …

This Is Us season 5: The first photos announce a tense reunion between the Big Three for their anniversary

On the first photos of season 5 of This Is Us, the reunion of the Big Three seems very tense!

We are almost there ! A few days ago, we discovered the trailer for season 5 of This Is Us, something to make our mouths water. Since last March, many viewers have been waiting for the Pearson family to return. This time, it’s (almost) done, since the first two episodes of the new season will land this October 27 on NBC. And according to the exclusive photos of the Season Premiere unveiled by Entertainment Weekly, we must expect some tensions in the most popular family of the small screen … Especially during the anniversary of the Big Three, who will blow their 40th candle at the start of season 5 of This Is Us.

This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc
This Is Us Season 5 Photos
Photos from season 5 of This Is Us – Credit (s): nbc

On the photos, we can see the tense faces of Kate, Randall and Kevin when they are gathered in the cabin to celebrate their birthday. Obviously, we suspect that this has to do with the violent argument between the two brothers in the last episode of season 4 of This Is Us, where Kevin’s words went very far … On the pictures, we also find Madison, pregnant with Kate’s twin brother, who seems closer and closer to him. We can also see that the coronavirus will be addressed in the next episodes of the series, since the character of Kevin is wearing a mask. While waiting to find the Pearsons very soon on NBC, find Chris Sullivan’s confidences on Kate and Toby’s breakup in This Is Us.

The Umbrella Academy season 2: The real reason behind the existence of the Commission revealed?

The Time Commission is supposed to enforce schedule compliance in The Umbrella Academy, but Season 2 has given us some insight into how it actually works.

If season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is still not formalized by the streaming platform, it is almost certain that the fantasy series will be renewed. After a cliffhanger like the one in season 2 on Netflix, fans are waiting for firm responses. The real intentions of the Time Commission remain particularly vague: if its primary goal is to ensure that the calendar of the space-time continuum is respected, is it really acting in this direction? As relates Screen Rant, if we take a closer look at their methods, making it look like their number one motivation is to make the events on the timeline go the way they should is just a cover. What are the members of the Commission really looking for?

The Handler of the Time Commission
The Handler of the Time Commission – Credit (s): Netflix

In reality, the members of the Time Commission are only looking to serve their own interests, regardless of the consequences this will have on the timeline.. You only have to look at what The Handler did: the ex-head of the agency killed Lila’s parents “for free” and without cause to bring her up as her child; an act which necessarily changed the course of history. Many innocent people died in the course of their missions, isn’t it the role of the Commission to protect the events of the chronology? By acting in their own interests, agency employees run counter to the ideals of their system. Now that The Handler is dead, it remains to be seen how Herb will run a business of this magnitude. We hope he has strong shoulders because with the arrival of Sparrow Academy in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, the chronology may be greatly disturbed!

The Boys season 3: this controversial scene between Homelander and Soldier Boy will not be adapted in the series

This scene, which has shocked more than one comic book reader, will not be adapted to the screen, but for another reason than its explicit content!

Even before witnessing the success of the second season of The Boys (which you can find out which team you might be on right here), Amazon Prime has given the green light for a third season. The most evil superheroes of the small screen will therefore be back very soon, still hunted by Billy Butcher and his team. Although the series gives itself (almost) no limits on the level of violence and sex, generally explicit, there is a controversial scene from the comics that it will not transpose. As you know, the actor Jensen ackles will soon land in the Soldier Boy costume, a new sup ‘ made in Vought. However, in the comics, this one exchanges a rather disturbing moment with Homelander: but the showrunner, Eric Kripke, has already announced that he will not adapt it in The Boys.

Homelander and Soldier Boy (Editing: Reddit)
Homelander and Soldier Boy (Editing: Reddit)

Comic book readers know that Homelander sleeps with Soldier Boy in an attempt to manipulate him. This scene is no more shocking or unhealthy than those in Seasons 1 and 2 such as the fatal cunnilingus, the squashed dolphin or the exploding heads, but it does not fit with the plot of the series. Season 3 will start in a context that does not allow this sequence between the two men to be adapted on the screen. In the last episode, the Protector’s threat was neutralized by the blackmail of Queen Maeve and the dismemberment of Stormfront (which is proof that the supers of The Boys born with powers are more powerful than those created by Vought). He had to publicly admit the Seven’s mistakes, reinstate Starlight on the team, and relinquish custody of his son Ryan. Since he’s in a weak position, it wouldn’t make sense for Soldier Boy to need to sleep with him to make it into the Hall of Fame!