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You like them nuggets ? If so, here is a little series from behind the fagots that might just put you off. Or almost. Don't panic, nothing like a brutal and sickening dive into a nugget factory. As the rapper would say LOAS in his song VLV : “You know the saying, if you like something, don't try to find out how it's made. No, Chicken Nuggetthe famous series soon available on Netflix, coming directly from South Korea, is a fantastic show with a crazy concept and a crazy story. And which will potentially make you regret your bucket ordered on Deliveroo.

Chicken Nuggeton Netflix, offers the wing and the thigh

In Newspeak X (formerly Twitter), the use of the term “chicken” means that something is of high quality. Obviously, Netflix, to promote the Chicken Nugget, split with a tweet starting with “What is this chicken?”. Before answering directly: “It's his daughter.” In just two catchy sentences, Netflix offers the wing and the thigh. The platform captures the interest of Gen-Z with its gimmick and then generates interest for the rest of its audience. How so, “her daughter”? Fact, Chicken NuggetSouth Korean series offbeat tone and at ludicrous scenario, doesn't really need a long speech to be presented. But rather a brief tweet revealing its hilarious high concept.

What is the series about? Chicken Nugget is it done?

The pitch of Chicken Nugget proves once again that South Korean entertainment is always two steps ahead. The proof ? It is an incredible story around a young woman transformed into a (chicken) nugget because of an infernal machine. Obviously, his fatherpresident of an important company, and a secret admirer who is in love with the heroine, will try to make her regain her human form in a real obstacle course punctuated by adventures each one crazier than the last. A lively, colorful and offbeat comedy… Of which only South Korea has the secret. Or, to a lesser extent, Japan. Because this scenario could quite come from a hallucinated trip of the genius Takashi Miike. In any case, we don't see any other country, other than these two, which could give birth to such a story as well. crossed out !

Chicken Nugget coming out very soon on Netflix

Chicken Nugget is made up of chicken, okay, a woman's body too, okay, but above all 12 episodes. A relatively classic format in 2024. The South Korean series, adaptation live action of a web toonthat is to say a viral comic format very popular there, arrives on March 12, 2024 on the famous platform. Chicken Nugget features a first teaser, crazy and hilarious, with only English subtitles for the moment, which sets the tone. First images, funny and tasty, which give a glimpse of a series which contrasts with the somewhat boring seriousness of a Squid Game or other dramas that are a little too stuck. In any case, we challenge you to return to KFC after having swallowed ten episodes of Chicken Nugget on Netflix.

The Kidnapped Truth (Netflix): this true story turns the brains of Internet users, “I’m stunned” Follow us

It's well known that Netflix subscribers have a passion for morbid documentaries about nasty news stories. An appetite for human monstrosity that is fueled by a healthy, even downright natural, voyeurism. The proof ? The kidnapped truth. Or a documentary mini-series available on the platform looking back on an event like no other which took place in 2015. The reason: no one believed in the kidnapping of this woman whose circumstances were too reminiscent of the feature film Gone Girl. Now, everything was indeed true. The kidnapped truthwhich highlights this improbable and mind-blowing affair, is in the process of uncapping the brains of its spectators on the famous platform.

What does it talk about The kidnapped truth on Netflix?

2015. Denise Huskins disappears without a trace in March. Aaron Quinnher companion, waits until the next day to report the disappearance of his partner to the police. From then on, the police doubted his testimony and, as is often the case in this type of case, focused their suspicions on the man. The investigators ignore Aaron's explanations and think directly of a crime of passion. During their investigation, they discover that Denise and Aaron were not on speaking terms at the time. The man is even accused of being unfaithful. However, everything is true. Finally, the version given by Aaron is true. Strangely, 48 hours after the incident, Denise Huskins reappears almost as if nothing had happened.

The kidnapped truth reveals the Denise Huskins affair fiasco

The investigators do not believe at all in this curious story of disappearance and reappearance. The reason ? The film gone Girlsigned by the master of modern American thriller, David Fincher, released a year earlier in cinemas. Or the story of a woman who stages her murder to undermine her husband in a marriage that is failing. Thus, the Denise Huskins affair seems, according to law enforcement, a farce modeled on the fictional feature film. However, this is not the case at all. The police are bogged down in their investigation against Aaron even though the abductor sends emails to claim his deed! And, between mysteries And fiascopublic opinion is witnessing one of the strangest news stories in recent years.

Netflix viewers addicted to The kidnapped truth

The kidnapped truth looks at himself with a glance. During a Netflix and chill evening – or thrill, it depends – under the blanket and with a good little pizza. Made up of three 45-minute episodes, the documentary mini-series is more devoured than watched. The format, catchy and frontal, allows total immersion in this story of kidnapping as terrifying as it is incredible. No wonder when we know that The kidnapped truth is produced by the author of The Tinder Scammer. Another colorful documentary revisiting an equally rock'n'roll story. And one of the flagship titles in the thrilling documentary section of the Netflix platform.

Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Wednesday November 1, 2023 on TF1: Eloïse fools everyone, Halloween turns into a nightmare Follow us

Summary of episode 1547 of Tomorrow belongs to us, broadcast on Wednesday November 1 on TF1. To the hospital, Bart is convinced that the young woman who woke up is Adele. It is, in reality, Eloise. The young man warns her that the police want to give her a handwriting test in order to compare her handwriting to the one she wrote to him. Although exhausted, Eloïse accepts and passes the test successfully. The two scripts match 95%. After successfully fooling everyone, including the police, Eloise leaves the hospital with Bart who takes her to the apartment. They kiss and Bart tells him that they will rebuild together.

At the Spoon, Rayanewho does not want to be separated from Jack, begs his mother to let him live in Sète. Faced with the refusal of Romythe young man goes to the police station to ask Karim to live at home. A little later, it is Romy who, in turn, makes this request to Karim who agrees to accommodate his nephew until the end of the school year. Rayane goes to Jack to tell him the good news. The lovers then plan to spend the night under the stars.

Morbid escape game for teenagers

For Halloween, Luna, Lizzie, Corentin And Dorian must solve a treasure hunt. Nathan And Camille arrive unexpectedly, which does not delight Dorian and Luna. After solving the first riddle, the small group of high school students goes to the cemetery where they find a second riddle. Here again, the teenagers manage to solve it and find themselves in a lost house in the middle of nowhere, with no network. Dorian quickly understands that they are participating in an escape game. After they place their cell phones in a trunk, the door closes behind them and the light goes out. When it turns back on, Lizzie is chained to a mechanism. It’s panic among teenagers!