La Tribu in advance of February 19, 2024 on TF1: thunderous end of the season for Camille and Martin Follow us

TF1 ends its broadcast of the first season of The tribe. Let the series replace The Ariadne's thread starring the indescribable Chantal Ladesou. Or a family mini-series, made up of six episodes, led by Jonathan Zaccai And Alix Poisson. The first channel broadcasts the last two episodes of The tribe this Monday February 19, 2024 from 9:10 p.m.. So, just to be up to date, and even ahead of time, here is a little summary 100% spoilers of the episodes 5 And 6 from season 1 of The tribe which are broadcast this February 19 on TF1. And a little recap of the previous two episodes. Follow the leader ! Attention, spoilers

The tribe : what happens in episode 5 of season 1?

Camille and Martin welcome their father, Noël, to their home. The father, not stingy with his words, strives to give them lots of life advice. If it is to help them, at the start, at the finish, it is rather the opposite that happens. Camille, for her part, feels particularly judged by all of her father-in-law's painful remarks. But she doesn't dare ask Martin to kick him out of the house. Martin is more in denial, goes against Camille's opinion, and appreciates his father's presence at home. Noël, who is a psychologist, suggests that Leo would suffer from a behavioral disorder. Martin, taken by surprise, doesn't know how to talk about it with Camille. Attention, others spoilers

The tribe : what happens in episode 6 of season 1?

Martin wants to ask for Camille's hand in a surprise. For him, the marriage proposal is a crucial point in their romantic relationship and the future of their life as a couple. Issue : Camille is not yet officially divorced. Upon learning the happy news, which is no longer really a surprise, Camille begins to request the divorce papers as quickly as possible. And to sign them to definitively separate from Frank. But the latter is going through a complicated crisis. Franck had an argument with his mother and his girlfriend. Camille, faced with her ex's distress, does not have the heart to add to his worries with the divorce agreement. This altruistic gesture enrages Martin who is waiting for this to propose to Camille. Furious, upset, hurt, he is on the verge of removing the wedding ring from Camille's finger! There's all this and more in the last two episodes from season 1 of The tribe broadcast on February 19, 2024 on TF1 from 9:10 p.m.

The tribe : what happened in episode 4 of season 1?

Summary of the previous episode. In L'episode 4 from the first season of The tribeCamille and Martin surprise Morgan in an intimate (and somewhat awkward) situation with a boy. This one is called Mateus. Camille is a little disturbed to discover that her daughter already has a sex life. She worries about her dating this boy she doesn't know. Thus, she emotionally blackmails Martin so that he discreetly inquires about this famous Mateus. Morgane, in the midst of an adolescent crisis, skips class, which annoys her mother greatly. Camille, neither one nor two, arrives at Mateus' home to find out if he is involved in this change in behavior! To calm things down, and Camille's outrageous behavior, Martin suggests meeting Mateus' parents, Rafaella and Esteban, during an aperitif.

The tribe : what happened in episode 3 of season 1?

Summary of the previous episode. In L'episode 3 from the first season of The tribeLeo and Raphael no longer get along at all. Their daily and permanent disagreements make the atmosphere of the family home unbreathable. So, to calm things down, Camille and Martin go to a meeting to help blended families. Both parents realize that their children's problems come from two very different upbringings. They want things to work out so they move closer to their respective stepsons to get to know them better. And thus create a real family cohesion for the future. The high point of this potential cohesion: building a cabin in the garden which is not going to be easy. Quite the contrary!