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Is thrillers your hobby? So you’re probably dying to have a good fuck police series on your couch this weekend. That’s good ! Melty has put together a list for you that you won’t be able to refuse. Namely a top 5 of the best detective series to binge-watch urgently. Between investigations, enigmas, mysteries and endings, you will be served! And whether it is on the side of Netflix or TF1, you won’t risk getting bored or missing out. We promise, we tried to be objective (even if it wasn’t easy). Come on, follow the guide!

Criminal minds, Shemar Moore we love you

The pitch? Criminal minds traces the investigations of an elite section of the FBI, specializing in psychology. Together, they analyze the thoughts and minds of the country’s biggest criminals, trying to predict their every move before they take action.

Why do we validate? Endearing characters (cc Shemar Moore)intelligent (we are thinking of you Reid) and interesting (Agent Penelope Garcia, base). But also, a good way to explore all the complexity of criminal analysis. For fans of psychology and thrillers, Criminal minds is THE ideal series. A melting pot of mind-torturing investigations, which will undoubtedly improve our skills as unparalleled investigators. But be careful, just because you watch Criminal Minds doesn’t mean you’ll be able to join the FBI or the DGSE, let’s not get carried away.

NCIS, the ultimate detective series

The pitch? There NCIS (Native Criminal Investigative Service) is a federal agency attached to the Navy and Marine Corps. Its mission is to enforce the law in this environment, but also to investigate mysteries and crimes surrounding the American naval forces.

Why do we validate? Notice to fans of detective series, you probably agree that it is impossible to miss NCIS. And of course, we’re talking about all of NCIS, but with a special mention for the very first version titled “Special investigations”. Because yes, as good chauvinists, we are admiring the quality of the first episodes carried by Mark Harmon, aka Leroy Jethro Gibbs. In the end, it’s probably the ultimate detective series. And it’s not the housewives on TF1 who will say the opposite.

Sherlock, to play detective

The pitch? Sherlockit is a television adaptation of the famous eponymous work by Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes. Namely an eccentric detective, trying to solve mysteries and enigmas using incongruous clues in the streets of London.

Why do we validate? If you want to see Benedict Cumberbatch without his Doctor Strange powers, you’re in the right place. Joking aside, Sherlock it is a modern-day revisitation of a work that is far too underrated. Half series, half soap opera, it’s a beautiful ode to detective novels of our childhood. A good way to rack your brain against the backdrop of a character who is both unsympathetic and endearing. WE love !

Mindhunter, just “what the f*ck?!” »

The pitch? In Mindhunter, two FBI agents imagine a revolutionary method to anticipate the movements of the country’s biggest criminals. Particularly by analyzing their way of thinking and reflecting.

Why do we validate? Mindhunterthis is the last little detective nugget of Netflix. A detective series and a psychological thriller at the same time, what could be better? What’s even more scary: it is inspired by real events, more particularly books Mindhunter: inside the head of a profiler And The killer in front of me. In other words, these “what the f*ck” methods of determining the psychology of serial killers really existed. And we love that! Unfortunately, the show did not have the success it deserved since, despite a certain fascination, it was canceled after the second season… Bad luck!

Research Section, the little Frenchie from detective series

The pitch? The Research Section is a special unit of the National Gendarmerie, responsible for resolving complex investigations and cases. Disappearances, sexual crimes… investigators are at the heart of the craziest enigmas.

Why do we validate? Come on, let’s head towards France! Because handsome, body-built Americans are fine for five minutes. In Research Section, you will be entitled to 100% French surveys. Mysteries around serial killers which become more and more credible over the episodes and seasons. Because yes, we recognize it, the first times are always a little laborious. And if you want to get an idea, that’s good, because the season 15 of Research Section is broadcast this Thursday, February 8 on TF1!

Top 5 most addictive series on drugs Follow us

Cartels, addiction, consumption, explosion… Is this your passion? You are in the right place. If you don't know what to do with your weekend, why not have a good series on drugs ? We admit, it’s not the healthiest thing to binge-watch… But it also feels good! A dark part of humanity that we love to explore on the big screen – or on our phone for that matter. Whether on the side of Netflix or other platforms, there are little nuggets that you didn't expect. And to help you choose, Melty has compiled a list of 5 best, most addictive series (no pun intended) about drugs.

Euphoria, the punchy series

The pitch? After a stay in a detoxification center, Rue Bennett, a young high school student played by Zendaya, makes her big return to the twists and turns of her school. She and her comrades then evolve in a world where sex, drugs and trans-identity issues have their place and are omnipresent. Between toxic relationships, addictions and unhealthy social networks, everyone's neuroses are exposed for all to see.

If Euphoria caused a scandal when it was released, accused in particular of promoting drugs, it is in reality a real punch series. A show retracing many of the dark facades of our current society that thousands of young people face every day. If the drug glorification controversy was very present, Euphoria should actually be taken as a prevention series. And we can say it, in addition to tackling sensitive subjects, it also allows you to immerse yourself in a particular universe that you have never really seen elsewhere. And special mention to Zendayawho embodies his character wonderfully.

Breaking Bad, drugs and illness

The pitch? Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, learns that he has lung cancer at the age of 50, while his partner is pregnant with his disabled son. His life expectancy is estimated at two years. So, to protect his loved ones from want, he set up a laboratory and a major methamphetamine trafficking operation. The goal ? Selling the drug created with his own hands, thanks to the help of one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman.

When it was released in 2008, breaking Bad was so successful that it became a truly global phenomenon. And no, it's not just thanks to the presence of Bryan Cranston, aka Hal in Malcolm. But also, thanks to its well-crafted storyline and its ultra addictive side. Because yes, once immersed in it, you won't want to get out. A mixture of melancholy and drama, which fits perfectly with what thousands of sick people around the world feel every day. How can we protect our family without succumbing to the temptations that surround us? This is the whole question of breaking Bad… To consume without moderation !

Griselda, women in the spotlight

The pitch? Griselda Blanco, Colombian drug baroness created one of the most profitable cartels in the world, called “The Black Widow”. The series follows the true story of this ambitious and determined woman who became a pioneer in cocaine trafficking.

A mini-series in just six episodes, it tells the true story of Griselda Blanco. A show filled with suspense, drama and tension as we like them. The problem? If Sofia Vergara is majestic in her role and we love seeing her as a badass drug baroness, we can sometimes have an impression of glamorization that is a little too excessive. Is it really worth remembering that cocaine is ultimately bad? Aside from this little downside, we dive headlong into a show that screams truth and we love it.

Narcos, THE drug series par excellence

The pitch? Just like Griselda, Narcos traces part of the story of Pablo Escobar. One of the main drug lords of the 1980s, head of the Medellin Cartel. Steve Murphy, young DEA agent, and Javier Pena, will try everything to bring down the Colombian trafficker and his men. What follows is a fierce struggle between political ideals, law enforcement and dark illicit worlds.

Narcos, it's THE drug series par excellence. Between fiction and reality, we are witnessing an ultra-documented show on part of the history and life of Pablo Escobar. Or how to explore the twists and turns of Colombian illicit trafficking, Medellin, considered the drug capital. A violent and refined thriller that encourages reflection on the world around us. All without too much fuss and pathos. Suspense and rhythm are there. The goal ? Offering the public an atmosphere that is both realistic but also well-crafted and well-adjusted. In short, we validate this series of drug traffickers, to the delight of users Netflix. In fact, the series has been available on the platform since its release in 2015.

Power, between business and cocaine

The pitch? James St. Patrick, aka “Ghost”, is the owner of a famous nightclub in New York. If everything seems to be going well for him, it was without knowing that he was in reality a major player in the city's biggest drug network. While he wants to leave this illicit world to protect his family, everything will not go as planned.

Last but not least, Power is probably the least known series on the list and yet the most realistic. The audience will be able to easily identify with the characters. Against the backdrop of Empire, another series which was a real success, we witness the descent into hell of a business man who succumbed to temptation. As well as everything that illicit trafficking offers. Money, cocaine, business, settling scores, ghettos… Everything is mixed to catch the audience, and it works! A breathtaking double life which borders on a masterpiece in its staging.

Netflix: a new Korean series enters the Top 10 Follow us

South Korea continues to be popular on Netflix. If it made a relatively discreet entry into the platform’s catalog on January 19, series Ancestral enjoys an honorable reputation Today. So much so that we can no longer dislodge it from the Top 10 most viewed series on the platform for almost a week. This pretty box once again demonstrates the sense of flair (and business) of the streaming giant which took note of “ growing popularity internationally » Korean productions, as Don Kang, vice-president of Netflix original content in South Korea, explained to our colleagues at Allociné last year. “There is no particular reason, at least none that seems to me to justify this crazehe added. The advent of streaming has therefore brought a lot to the Korean drama industry, and their growing popularity internationally”.

What is the new Korean sensation on Netflix?

The six episodes ofAncestral follow the young assistant of a university professor renowned. When she learns that she will not get the job she so coveted (and which had been promised to her), a distant uncle leaves him an inheritance… A cemetery ! This surprising legacy, but a priori not very attractive, is coveted by a mysterious individual who presents himself as the half-brother of its owner. A breathtaking pitch available in six episodes that we owe to director of Last Train to BusanYeon Sang-ho, also screenwriter of the Netflix series Hellbound. Let us also point out that this is the adaptation of a webtoon by Kang Tae-kyung entitled The Bequeathed.

Why are Korean series so popular on Netflix?

Difficult to answer the question precisely. However, we no longer count the number of k-dramas whose performances exploded the counters on Netflix. Asked by Tele-Leisurejournalist Ophélie Surcouf, author of K-Pop Culturegives some food for thought:The topics covered by Korean series are universal : love, opposition between classes, social pressure… But they are treated differently if we compare to American fiction, for example. They have less of this Manichean vision of savior of the world. Their stories revolve more around family, about themselves.” In early 2023, Netflix revealed its intention to‘invest no less than 2.5 billion dollars over four years in South Korean productions. The second season of Squid Game should not reverse the trend.

Netflix: this top series has not been renewed Follow us

Created by Adam Glass (Criminal minds, Cold Case), In service of the past follows the story of a Russian spy played by actress Margarita Levieva (The Deuce) who must manage his family life while fighting a particularly devious enemy. Series available on Netflix since 2022 has been a delight for subscribers to the platform. According to data revealed by the streaming giants, the program would have in fact accumulated no less than 85.83 million hours of viewing in the first two weeks of its release online. “ Obviously the end-of-season reveal leaves a lot of open questions, and I think you have to play into all of that,” declared its showrunner last year, proud of its success.

Fans have been waiting for a year for answers to the cliffhanger on which season 1 ends. The adventure unfortunately ends there for In service of the past. The streaming giant has decided not to renew the series as it was initially planned. Adam Glass, for his part, had foreseen the catastrophe coming, as evidenced by his message posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) last April: We hoped to reach a wider audience, but we didn’t. But that doesn’t take away from the excellent work of our cast, crew, executives, directors and writers.” The showrunner seemed to have heard of Netflix’s discontent, dissatisfied with the program’s audiences.

In Service of the Past should have had a longer life on Netflix

In interview with the American media Entertainment Tonight last year, Adam Glass revealed his plans for In service of the past. ” I have a three-year development plan for the series, he then explained. But if the series is a hit and Netflix asks me for five, I will adapt.” And to specify: “ I always imagine a series with a beginning, an end… and in the middle, everything is falling into place to achieve this end. It’s almost like a puzzle (…) That’s the great thing about screenwriter meetings, and having competent collaborators: they are able to connect all the dots that I put on the board.” The platform at the red N put an end to this beautiful dream which only lasted one season.

Netflix: this thrilling series is a hit in the Top 10 of the platform Follow us

The Top 10 most watched series on Netflix continues to move. This week, the Mexican series Pacto de Silencio comes in fifth position in the ranking. As a reminder, we follow the quest for revenge of a famous influencer who wants to know the truth about her birth and dives headlong into the lives of four women. Just ahead, season 7 ofElite obtains an honorable place in the ranking of the most watched series on the platform. Third position goes to the exciting documentary series Life on our planet produced by Steven Spielberg which tells the history of the Earth over four billion years. It is preceded by season 3 of Lupinealways worn by Omar Sy.

After EliteIt is Bodysuits which this week is at the top of the most watched series by Netflix subscribers. Created by Paul Tomalin, this eight-episode British detective mini-series follows four London detectives who investigate the same murder at different times (1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053) following the discovery of a body in Whitechapel. As for the casting, we find in particular Shira Haas (Unorthodox), Stephen Graham (Pirates of the Caribbean), Kyle Soller (Andor), Synnøve Karlsen (The Medici) or Greta Scacchi (The Player). A fine distribution for a thrilling program to discover urgently on Netflix!

What do Internet users think of the #1 Netflix series?

The subscribers Netflix unanimously approved Bodysuits. “The Netflix series Bodysuits we have to talk about it anyway, I’m only on the 2nd episode and woaaa, ​​I have the same pleasure as when I discovered Dark. Really looking forward to the ending”, writes an Internet user, driven by overflowing enthusiasm. Another nuance to his point: “I had a great time investigating. This mini-series offers us a story that will turn your brain, with a body found in 4 different eras. Despite a few lengths, we ended up hanging on and following our four police officers”. “Thank you for finally giving us a series in the image of Dark I really enjoyed it from start to finish and there are so many references”, “WOWWOWO we have a new contender for the Best Series of the Year! I watched an episode of Bodysuits and I love it, at the same time it’s vertigo so it can’t be bad”, can also be read on X (formerly Twitter).