Sofia Vergara “ugly” to look like Griselda Blanco, her son throws a tantrum Follow us

It is one of the most watched series in recent days. New original creation from Netflix, Griselda traces the story of Griselda Blanco, Colombian drug baron who gave Pablo Escobar a cold sweat. After the box of Narcosthe platform with the red N puts “in the spotlight” a historic, but controversial, figure in Colombian history. The series carried by a transformed Sofia Vergara has largely won the support of Internet users. “I love the series so much Griselda ptn. Maybe I should have been at the head of a cartel, I don’t know”, “I loved it Griselda and its portrait of a woman, a mother, who loses herself as she sinks deeper into violence and paranoia while climbing the cartel hierarchy. Sofia Vergara is awesome,” “ A powerful mini series dominated by Sofia Vergarawho demonstrates a monster talent »enthuse Netflix subscribers on the X network (formerly known as Twitter).

This sharp reproach from Griselda Blanco's son

The series dedicated to Griselda Blanco does not only make people happy. To start with the son of the “Godmother”, Michael Corleone Blancowho does not particularly appreciate the portrait of his mother as Sofia Vergara. Questioned by the Daily Mailthis one criticizes the way the actress was “ugly” using facial prosthetics, a process requiring around two hours of makeup before filming. “My mother was a beautiful woman and it’s crazy that a lot of people say 'No, you must look more like a drug addict' (…)If you read my book, you will see that my mother was nicknamed the porcelain doll in her youth. Mayors, governors, and politicians from different countries were trying to woo my mother…even here in the United States. She was the cream of the crop”. Netflix continues to attract scathing criticism.

Why some Internet users are attacking Netflix

Netflix has gone to great lengths to make Promotion Griselda. Internet users accuse the platform of having gone too far in its marketing campaign after the broadcast on its official X and TikTok accounts of a video where we see a truck equipped with a huge tube sucking up white lines on the road, in the streets of Paris. As if the not-so-subtle nod to the drug lord's activities wasn't enough, a caption points out: “Weather alert: very high risk of snow in Paris”. The publication set social media on fire as soon as it went online. A*** this kind of promo“, “I had little interest in the series Griselda but seeing as Netflix is ​​ruining Paris with its promotion, never in my life will I watch that”, “The promotion of Griselda in Paris, so clumsy and culturally inappropriate… dark marketing? “, angry Internet users said.