The Bridgertons Chronicle: this very surprising link with The Walking Dead Follow us

Everything separates The Walking Dead And The Bridgerton Chronicles. The two series are part of radically different universes, exploring completely opposite genres. We can nevertheless be a fan of one or the other. It would also be fun to know if zombie hunters assiduously watch Shonda Rhimes' original creation, the third season of which will arrive on the Netflix platform next May. Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimesmakes no secret of having binge-watched it for prepare to fight the undead in the spin-off dedicated to his character and Michonne (Danai Gurira), The One Who Liveswhich will begin broadcasting on February 25 on the American channel ABC.

These surprising Bridgerton fans

Invited to speak at a round table organized by the Television Critic's Association, the actor also famous for starring in the romantic comedy Love Actually made this very surprising revelation: We watched a lot of Bridgerton. This story has been in the making for a long time and I love this character and this love story. After all, the DNA of the first episode of The Walking Dead is a man in search of his family. Would the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comics be “the most romantic series” of television history? The question deserves to be raised, according to the interpreter of Rick Grimes who underlined the crucial contribution of his partner on screen to give “the rhythm of this love story”. However, we doubt that the idea would come to a showrunner to propose a crossover between the two programs…

Why is Bridgerton season 3 already causing a lot of talk?

For the third chapter of The Bridgerton Chronicles, the writers decided to devote their attention to Colin, a character played by Luke Newton. The controversial choice did not put all fans in agreement. Some simply denounce it as a waste before even being able to watch season 3. Another production decision, however, brought some relief to their hearts. It was decided to hide a grossophobic plot which saw Colin Bridgerton fall under the spell of a Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) with a few pounds less. Despite everything, aficionados of the series would have preferred that the next round of episodes focused more on Benedict or Eloise. See you in spring on the platform at the red N!

“I filmed in an erotic film”: Chantal Ladesou without filter on this surprising shoot Follow us

If we say Chantal Ladesou to you, you obviously think of this kindly zany actress, a bit of rock’n’roll, who never keeps her tongue in her pocket. A veteran actress, with a filmography as long as her arm, both film actress and stage actress, defector from one woman show, who is mainly known today for her senior cash roles. Especially in films What is this granny?! And Retirement home 2in the soap operas SAT And The Ariadne’s thread on TF1. What if we told you that Chantal Ladesou started in a erotic film ? Ah, that blows your mind, huh? The actress returned unvarnished to this most surprising shoot. Be careful, the thermometer risks going up a notch!

Chantal Ladesou comes to Paris to become an actress

In an interview given to France 3Chantal Ladesou told a completely incredible anecdote about her beginnings as an actress. French cinema is a relatively impenetrable environment when you’re not in the inner circle. A closed vase in which we sometimes have to push the big door or pick the small one. Chantal Ladesou did neither. After attending the Lille Conservatory, she enrolled at the Cours Simon in Paris.. So far, nothing very unusual, the classic path of the young ingénue wanting to become an actress. But Chantal Ladesou didn’t really start with… traditional cinema. At least that’s what she told our colleagues with her gravelly voice that’s instantly recognizable.

Chantal Ladesou and her very olé-olé beginnings

I was looking for roles…”, says Chantal Ladesou most naturally in the same interview. “I didn’t miss out, I had a role in Vacation Mistresses.” With a title like this, both very general but also very ambiguous, it’s difficult to be suspicious. We can well imagine Chantal Ladesou thinking of a very romantic film, a romance like Gone with the wind. Nope. The main interested party continues: “We were in a castle in the suburbs, there was a big party. And, there, we are told: ‘Everyone naked, naked!‘I was with a friend from Cours Simon who I had also put on the spot.” We understand the embarrassment, then, of Chantal Ladesou. Both to arrive on the set of an erotic film and to have taken a friend into this mess! All’s well that ends well: her husband comes to her rescue”like Zorro in his convertible”. She says that he “almost came to blows with the director.” Vacation Mistressesyes, but obviously not a relaxing vacation.

Chantal Ladesou, new heroine of TF1

Fast forward. Return to 2024. After playing a supporting role in the soap opera SATChantal Ladesou returns to TF1 for police entertainment The Ariadne’s thread. Divided into two 45-minute episodes, this lively fiction narrates the journey of a renowned legal columnist named Ariane Legrand. We will appreciate the play on words in the title. Obviously, this one is embodied by the indescribable and endearing Chantal Ladesou. Except that Ariane, her character on screen, is full of nonsense. She wants to hang up her gloves. This was without counting on a new investigation which shakes up his early retirement. La der’ des ders, a final investigation into the mysterious murder of a very famous influencer. If you haven’t seen Vacation Mistressestoo bad for you, especially since said erotic film must be difficult to find today and Chantal Ladesou is not in it. You can therefore fall back onr Breadcrumbs the two episodes of which are broadcast this Monday January 29, 2024 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1. Family entertainment for all audiences, of course.

Daredevil: surprising update on the reboot of the series Follow us

Series Daredevilor rather its reboot by Marvel Studios, it’s not for the immediate future. And for good reason, the studio simply fired the writers, Chris Ord And Matt Cormanbut also the directors. A shot in the foot when you want to relaunch a serial franchise whose original series was very successful (on Netflix). The height: nine episodes have already been produced. That’s half the series! However, Marvel has decided to start again zero. A move very curious on the part of the studio which nevertheless has nothing to do with the recent Hollywood screenwriters strike.

In fact, Marvel Studios is currently looking for new writers and new directors to get off to a good start. According to the very serious American media The Hollywood ReporterChris Ord and Matt Corman had completely changed the original Netflix series, a superhero show, into a legal series. Marvel would not have liked this realistic turn for Daredevil at all. Even if, we are not going to lie, the judicial aspect has always been very present in the serial – and cinematographic – universe of Daredevil so far. Normal : Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, is a vigilante by night but a lawyer by day.

Daredevil : return to the basics of traditional series

Marvel has decided to take over the production reins of the reboot of Daredevil, Daredevil – Born Again. The solution ? Return to the creative approach of the series of yesteryear by writing a “bible” of the series. Or a document which traces the framework and then the common thread of the entire season of the show. A process which was at the origin of all series for a long time but which Marvel has abandoned the use of in favor of orders for full seasons paid for in cash. A spending of money colossaltherefore, what the production studio now wants to avoid. Marvel would therefore intend to stop squandering its funds on random mini-series to focus on real series with real characters and real stories.

Daredevil : a lukewarm return to the mini-series She-Hulk

So, for the moment, the resumption of the Daredevil series by Marvel, then initially on Netflix, is not the studios’ major asset to win back early fans. Especially since, in the reboot that no one will ever see, the writers only made Matt Murdock wear the Daredevil costume in the fourth episode. A deliberate artistic choice that would not have benefited Marvel at all. Already Daredevil had returned on the sly in the mini-series She-Hulk at the bend of a lukewarm cameo… The total reset of the serial reboot does not bode well for the moment. HAS the origin, Daredevil – Born Again was due to be released in 2024. But the writers’ strike and this backtracking by Marvel can only postpone the release of the series until later. Or even at an undetermined date for the moment. Otherwise, what does he think? Charlie Cox of all these upheavals?

Lupine: deciphering the surprising end of season 3 Follow us

On Thursday, October 5, Netflix very successfully unveiled the seven episodes of the long-awaited season 3 of Lupinethe French series the most popular on the platform. This new burst of episodes has reserved a big surprise and an unexpected return, leaving fans eager for decryption. Attention, The rest of this article contains spoilers. At the end of episode 7, Assane Diop, played by Omar Sy, makes the surprising decision to to get arrested by the police, putting an end to his game of hide and seek. Guédira, played by Soufiane Guerrab, finally manages to handcuff him. Upon his arrival in prison, Assane receives an intriguing message from his cell neighbor. This is a childhood photo showing him holding the novel Cagliastro takes revenge, a work by Arsène Lupin.

In this image, the well-known antagonist, Pellegrini, played by the actor Hervé Pierre, recites a passage from the book. The text reveals an elaborate manipulation:“The enigma was in you, in the secret of your soul. To trap you and give you confidence, I welcomed the love you affected for me. You could have believed that I was marrying him myself and you ended up really loving me, therefore losing all lucidity. This scene, accompanied by the faces of Mariama, Assane’s mother, Benjamin, his friend betrayed during the season, and Juliette Pellegrini on screen, raises many questions for the rest of Lupine. Beyond the return of Pellegrini, this revelation suggests that the protagonist was maneuvered and manipulated. The faces of Mariama and Benjamin suggest an involvement of these two characters in the machinations hatched by Pellegrini to reach Assane in a personal way.

Lupine: a season 4 planned?

It is possible that Benjamin was approached by Pellegrini during his incarceration following Assane’s betrayal. As for Mariama, it is possible that she was also contacted by Pellegrini before reappearing in Assane’s life. In front of this surprising ending, series creator George Kay confirmed the importance of Pellegrini’s character for the rest. He emphasizes that Pellegrini will remain Assane’s sworn enemy and that his influence will endure. Thus, he suggests that Pellegrini has not said his last word. Leaving suspense over his role in a possible season 4 of Lupine. The series continues to captivate the spectators with its twists and turns and its complex plot.