Netflix: this series is controversial in South Korea Follow us

South Korea enjoys undisputed and undeniable popularity on Netflix. Proof of this is with the addition to the catalog of the platform series A Killer Paradox last Friday, February 9. The thriller created by Da-mi Kim follows the story ofa student whose life is turned upside down after murdering a man who he discovers is a serial killer. The murder sets off a series of misadventures as a private detective attempts to arrest the perpetrator. On the casting side, this gripping new detective fiction brings together on screen Son Suk-ku, Lee Hee-joon and Choi Woo-sik, notably famous for having played the teenager Ki-Woo in one of the most popular in recent years, Parasite by Bong-Joon ho.

The Netflix series at the heart of a dark affair

A priori harmless, the series recently put online on Netflix has provoked the anger of the supporters of the leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, Lee Jae-myung. The latter are indignant at the resemblance between the sixty-year-old politician and a character present in the seventh episode. This is Hyung Sung-guk, the owner of a corrupt construction company imprisoned under the number 4421. Far from being a coincidence according to some, this “small” detail would allude to an episode in the career of Lee Jae- myung. While he was mayor of Seongnam, in Gyeonggi province, the latter awarded the tidy sum of 442.1 million won (approximately 309,000 million euros) to a company of the same type for a real estate project. The future leader of the Democratic Party of Korea was then suspected of favoritism.

Netflix's categorical response

Under fire from critics, the streaming giant officially announced that the accusations against the South Korean series are ” unfounded “. There would therefore be no link between Lee Jae-myung and prisoner no. 4421. The controversy which threatens to explode does not, however, prevent Internet users to enjoy A Killer Paradoxas we can read on the X network (formerly known as Twitter): “Choi Woo-sik is stunning in his role asA Killer Paradox. This kind of thriller drama is so made for him”, “The series A Killer Paradox on Netflix, a K-Drama, well I love it! All the K-Dramas I've watched on the platform have kept me in suspense until the end so far! I highly recommend it, as well as The Glory which I loved too! “, “I hope there will be a season 2 for A Killer Paradoxit was so good “

Netflix: these exorbitant salaries demanded by South Korean stars Follow us

We no longer count the number of South Korean series who flock to the Netflix platform every week. Massive imports from the “Land of Fresh Morning” reveal subscribers’ unwavering enthusiasm for “k-dramas”. As evidence the huge box of Squid Game of which season 2 is particularly awaited. South Korean fiction continues to proliferate and bring in big revenues for the streaming giant. A report published last year revealed that the pure player had invested invested 2.5 billion dollars over four years to afford these productions. If more than thirty original creations were developed in 2023, the pace could drastically slow down due toa surge in production costs in Korea.

The crazy demands of Netflix stars

The platform at the red N Would she no longer have the means to keep up? According to the representative of a broadcasting company, mentioned by the site k-gen, the whims of Korean stars could be right for one of the juiciest partnerships in the history of streaming: “The main players are now demanding exorbitant feest, with reduced timings, production companies find themselves obliged to pay hundreds of millions of won per episode to recruit actors. These requirements would thus contribute to the worrying increase in budgets. If it proves impossible to respond favorably to their incredible demands, Netflix could decide to turn off the tap, to the great misfortune of fans.

These salaries that drive Netflix crazy

According to a well-placed source,prices tend to double when switching to Netflix, and do not decrease thereafter. For recent castings, South Korean actors would ask to pocket of the “stamps of 400 million won (270,000 euros), 650 million won (450,000 euros) and 700 million won (485,000 euros) per episode.” These crazy demands would also have the consequence of lowering the remuneration of technicians, the biggest losers in history. The affair is finally furiously reminiscent of that which broke out last summer in the midst of an actors’ strike in Hollywood. We then learned that salary Sean Gunn, aka Kirk Gleason in Gilmore Girlshad practically not benefited from the enormous profits generated by the series. “Ted Sarandos (Netflix CEO) pocketed $40 million from bonuses they earned from their company profits. I don’t understand why they can’t reduce these bonuses to share more wealth with the people who created the content that made them rich.”he blurted out in the columns of Hollywood Reporter.