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Yes, you read that right. A new and fifth prequel to Game Of Thrones is currently in the process of being ordered by HBO. After House of the Dragon, the fans are just waiting for it. But we shouldn't abuse it either… After all, by hearing from right and left that new spin-offs are in preparation, we tend to get lost there. So, before giving you a complete recap of ALL the upcoming spin-off series, let's start with this famous prequel, a long-standing project.

Game of Thrones: a prequel centered on Aegon I Targaryen

Originally, the famous upcoming spin-off was to be called “Aegon’s Conquest” (Aegon's Conquest in French, editor's note). This is a long-running project that looks back on the conquest of the Seven Kingdoms, including Westeros, by King Aegon 1st Targaryen. Okay, for those who haven't seen Game Of Thrones, move on, we are well aware that we do not speak the same language. Anyway, this prequel, likeHouse of the Dragonshould be inspired by the anthological novel Fire & Blood written by the famous George RR Martin. For the moment, its release is still uncertain since it has not been officially ordered by HBO. On the other hand, it would indeed be in the pipeline. In fact, according to our colleagues at Hollywood Reporter, he is the screenwriter of The Batman who was reportedly hired to oversee the series. Patience, patience…

What are the upcoming spin-offs?

Four prequels in preparation!

So patience is good, but not too much either. Because after so many rumors and speculations, it's difficult to see clearly what HBO's game is. The question everyone is asking: where are ALL of the spin-offs of Game Of Thrones. Among the confirmed series, season 2 ofHouse of the Dragon which should see the light of day in the summer of 2024. Good news for fans since the first season was a great success!

Another prequel to have been validated by production: The Knight Errant. This is an adaptation of the first book of the novels “Tales of Dunk & Egg”, set approximately 100 years before the events of GoT. Short stories that follow the journey of Ser Duncan the Great, aka Dunk, and his young squire Aegon Targaryen, who would later become King Aegon V. Yes we know, there are a lot of Aegons in the universe Game Of Thrones. Other project: 10,000 ships, a series retracing the incredible journey of Princess Nymeria. Finally, one of the most anticipated, the spin-off series centered on Jon Snow character. Although the show is highly anticipated, it is still in the development stage at HBO. After all, that’s a lot of series to develop all that…

Highly anticipated animated series

But hold on, that’s not all! Several animated series are also in the pipeline. To know The Golden Empire of Yi Ti, a story centered on the territory of the Far East, east of Essos. The opportunity to discover more about the world of Game Of Thrones and on this mystical region, very little discussed in the parent series. Fans will also be able to possibly see the arrival of a series around the Corlys Velaryon character, aka the Sea Serpent. A character introduced in House of the Dragon, performed by Steve Toussaint. So, can't wait to discover all this?

Game of Thrones: several projects finally canceled

Unfortunately (or fortunately), several projects have been canceled. Notably Flea Bottom, a series focusing on this little-known eponymous district in King's Landing, the capital of Westeros. If the show could have allowed us to discover more about this city and its inhabitants, the series did not go beyond the concept stage. Before finally being canceled for good by HBO in 2021. Damage !

And one of the most anticipated spin-offs which will ultimately never see the light of day: “Bloodmoon” Or “The Long Night.” In fact, no name had been officially given to him. It was a series project commissioned by the channel, taking place thousands of years before the events of Game Of Thrones. It was to tell the true origins of the White Walkers and thus reveal one of the greatest secrets of Westeros. A prequel whose first pilot episode had even been filmed! Unfortunately, HBO ultimately canceled the project in 2019, without any reason. Sadness.

Lupine (Netflix): short recap of the end of Part 2 [SPOILERS] Follow us

It will certainly not have escaped you that Part 3 of Lupine releases this Thursday, October 5, 2023 on Netflix. The adventures ofAssane DiopArsène Lupine of modern times played by Omar Sycontinue more vigorously, he was now more in danger and more hunted than ever. But, by the way, how does Part 2 of Lupine end? Don’t panic, that’s what we’re here for. Attention, spoilers

In fact, in Part 2, Assanne faced his sworn enemy, the formidable Hubert Pellegrini. This second season, explosive, developed a little more the notion of Nemesis, the opposition between the camp of good and that of evil. On one side, Assane, on the other, Pellegrini. The latter asked his henchman, Leonardto kidnap Assane’s son, Raoul. A monumental error since this Machiavellian stratagem pushed Assane to his furthest limits. MBut Assane is against violence. So he developed a plan of the most clever to push Pellegrini to confess his crimes. Attention, others spoilers

Lupine : look back at the finale of Part 2 of the Netflix series

Not crazy but trickster, Assane decides to seduce Juliette Pellegrini, neither more nor less than Hubert’s daughter! Thanks to this clever manipulation, the thief sneaks in more or less incognito into the charity collection organized by the Pellegrini family. Hubert, the father, planned to divert the money collected during this charitable fundraiser to transfer it to an offshore bank account. But Assane, not fooled for a penny, was one step ahead of Pellegrini. He thus hired a fake accountant, Philip, to cancel this fraudulent transaction. Assane confronts Pellegrini before extracting the famous confession from him. Notably how he used Babakar, Assane’s father, as a scapegoat in the affair of the theft of the Queen’s necklace. The big-hearted thief passes the recorded confession to the police. But Assane must flee because of some of his past misdeeds. He begins a run after saying goodbye to Clear and Raoul. END. Now for Part 3 of Lupine which is available from this Thursday, October 5, 2023 on Netflix.