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Yes, you read that right. A new and fifth prequel to Game Of Thrones is currently in the process of being ordered by HBO. After House of the Dragon, the fans are just waiting for it. But we shouldn't abuse it either… After all, by hearing from right and left that new spin-offs are in preparation, we tend to get lost there. So, before giving you a complete recap of ALL the upcoming spin-off series, let's start with this famous prequel, a long-standing project.

Game of Thrones: a prequel centered on Aegon I Targaryen

Originally, the famous upcoming spin-off was to be called “Aegon’s Conquest” (Aegon's Conquest in French, editor's note). This is a long-running project that looks back on the conquest of the Seven Kingdoms, including Westeros, by King Aegon 1st Targaryen. Okay, for those who haven't seen Game Of Thrones, move on, we are well aware that we do not speak the same language. Anyway, this prequel, likeHouse of the Dragonshould be inspired by the anthological novel Fire & Blood written by the famous George RR Martin. For the moment, its release is still uncertain since it has not been officially ordered by HBO. On the other hand, it would indeed be in the pipeline. In fact, according to our colleagues at Hollywood Reporter, he is the screenwriter of The Batman who was reportedly hired to oversee the series. Patience, patience…

What are the upcoming spin-offs?

Four prequels in preparation!

So patience is good, but not too much either. Because after so many rumors and speculations, it's difficult to see clearly what HBO's game is. The question everyone is asking: where are ALL of the spin-offs of Game Of Thrones. Among the confirmed series, season 2 ofHouse of the Dragon which should see the light of day in the summer of 2024. Good news for fans since the first season was a great success!

Another prequel to have been validated by production: The Knight Errant. This is an adaptation of the first book of the novels “Tales of Dunk & Egg”, set approximately 100 years before the events of GoT. Short stories that follow the journey of Ser Duncan the Great, aka Dunk, and his young squire Aegon Targaryen, who would later become King Aegon V. Yes we know, there are a lot of Aegons in the universe Game Of Thrones. Other project: 10,000 ships, a series retracing the incredible journey of Princess Nymeria. Finally, one of the most anticipated, the spin-off series centered on Jon Snow character. Although the show is highly anticipated, it is still in the development stage at HBO. After all, that’s a lot of series to develop all that…

Highly anticipated animated series

But hold on, that’s not all! Several animated series are also in the pipeline. To know The Golden Empire of Yi Ti, a story centered on the territory of the Far East, east of Essos. The opportunity to discover more about the world of Game Of Thrones and on this mystical region, very little discussed in the parent series. Fans will also be able to possibly see the arrival of a series around the Corlys Velaryon character, aka the Sea Serpent. A character introduced in House of the Dragon, performed by Steve Toussaint. So, can't wait to discover all this?

Game of Thrones: several projects finally canceled

Unfortunately (or fortunately), several projects have been canceled. Notably Flea Bottom, a series focusing on this little-known eponymous district in King's Landing, the capital of Westeros. If the show could have allowed us to discover more about this city and its inhabitants, the series did not go beyond the concept stage. Before finally being canceled for good by HBO in 2021. Damage !

And one of the most anticipated spin-offs which will ultimately never see the light of day: “Bloodmoon” Or “The Long Night.” In fact, no name had been officially given to him. It was a series project commissioned by the channel, taking place thousands of years before the events of Game Of Thrones. It was to tell the true origins of the White Walkers and thus reveal one of the greatest secrets of Westeros. A prequel whose first pilot episode had even been filmed! Unfortunately, HBO ultimately canceled the project in 2019, without any reason. Sadness.

One Piece: what is this prequel to the cult anime titled Monsters? Follow us

Monsters, One Piece, prequelMonsters, One Piece, prequel

photo credit: Netflix

One Piece is undoubtedly the most emblematic work of the last thirty years. Whether we like it or not. Whether you are a reader/spectator or not. The manga ofEiichiro Odalaunched in 1997, quickly followed by an adapted anime, then the live action remake produced by Netflix in 2022, became a unavoidable which affects several generations of fans of japanimation. And Japanese pop culture more broadly. While we thought that the vein One Piece had been wrung out to the rope, now a prequelstrangely titled Monsters -nothing to do with the quasi-eponymous masterpiece of Naoki Urasawa-, will soon hit our screens via Netflix.

One Piece : Monster or the forgotten prequel by Eiichiro Oda

Fact, Monsters is a prequel that has been largely forgotten by fans of the saga led by Monkey D. Luffy. Flashback. A few years before the wave One Piece, or even before the first publication of the manga in Japan, Eiichiro Oda published a collection of short stories. A work written and drawn by the famous mangaka. In this collection, we can find a short story entitled Monsters. Either a prequel to the main and canon story of One Piece. It blows your mind, huh? HAS we too, we admit. And, as a reminder, or even a discovery like a treasure, the Netflix platform will adapt Monsters in anime !

One Piece : Netflix adapts the named prequel Monsters

This famous collection of short stories, with an already very evocative title, Wantedwas released in 1994 in Japan. The story that particularly interests us here is Monsters. Or rather, in its full title, Monsters – The Inferno of the Flying Dragon with 103 Passions. Well, okay, it's a little longer and a little less salesy than Monsters quite simply. Monsters narrates the journey of Ryuma, a colorful fighter, who wants to slay a famous dragon. A confrontation that we find later, in the form of legend, in the arcs Thriller Bark And Wano in the manga -and the anime as a result- One Piece. Everything is linked, Eiichiro Oda had (really) thought of everything.

One Piece : our reasons for waiting for the prequel Monsters

Obviously, such a story, led by characters reminiscent of Luffy's crew, with a chara design evoking Oda's inimitable style, the humor alternating with the epic, makes us very eager. And this even if the string of episodes – or chapters – of One Piece sometimes exhausts us a little. However, a prequel to Oda's already very successful work does not seem like too much in an already full vase. On the contrary. Compared to the live action version of 2022, a large replica of the original story, this prequel appears like a real new stage of the universe One Piece. A new piece fitting perfectly into this gigantic puzzle.

One Piece : when to release the prequel Monsters on Netflix?

The arrival of Monsters on the Netflix platform is imminent. This new anime, which has a single episode like a sort of luxury OAV, will be available from January 22, 2024. The opportunity for a little breathing space in the endless saga of One Piece. If this prequel is not a necessity for dispassionate spectators of Luffy's adventures, it is necessarily a great must for all hardcore fans. Let them read manga, binge scans, binge episodes of the anime… Or all three at once! Monsters or the best kept secret of One Piece.

La Casa de Papel: why the prequel does not convince Internet users Follow us

It's been two years since fans of The House of Paper were waiting for him. Available on Netflix since December 29, Berlin follows in eight episodes the eponymous character played by Pedro Alonso prepare “one of his most extraordinary heists in Paris: making 44 million euros of jewelry disappear”. This impossible mission requires him to recruit new accomplices, including his friend Damian (Tristán Ulloa), a philanthropic professor. The red N platform bet big on this original production after the colossal success of the parent series which garnered around a hundred million views per season. Upon arrival, the program does not unanimously convince its subscribers.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Internet users express their frank disappointment. The prequel to The House of Paper just doesn't live up to their expectations. « 2nd episode of the series Berlin And it's already getting me drunk because I have the impression that it’s more about a love story than a heist”, ” I started Berlin how does his mother smell? but I'll watch until the end”, “The series does not create tension and that means that it lacks interest. Cameron calms down too quickly to become a sort of friend for Keila”, “It's neither a good series nor a bad one. It could have been worse but it could have been better”, “I didn't think that Berlin could be even more annoying than in La Casa de Papel but in fact so ptdrrrrr. He's unbearable, I hate him.”we can read in particular there.

Will the prequel to La Casa de Papel have a season 2?

Without spoiling too much for you, we can tell you that the finale of Berlin leave alone the door open to a second season. However, the project is in the cards of its showrunners, Álex Pina and Esther Martinez Lobato. It will be the public who will choose whether there will be a sequel or not”, was the first to say in an interview with our colleagues from Tele-Leisure. However, the creators of the series have no shortage of ideas. “ It is true that we have some ideas“, says Álex Pina. His comrade also agrees: “We have ideas, we have a band and a universe where there are still things to tell.” Waiting for, the teams of Netflix will closely scrutinize the performance of Berlin throughout the month of January. See you soon?

Stranger Things: this key character of season 4 is revealed in a prequel Follow us

Fans of Stranger Things were upset by the fate of Eddie Munson in season 4. The character played by Joseph Quinn remains one of the most popular in the series at this time. Behind the rebel from Hawkins, Indiana, hides a young man with a big heart. So much so that he sacrifices himself to allow his friends to escape from the Upside Down. An epic kill by immense bats to the sound of a cult Metallica solo. It has since been rumored that he could make his return in season 5. “A good theory” according to her comrade Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) which has not, however, been made official.

Eddie Munson will indeed come back to life in the universe of Stranger Things. Screenwriter Caitlin Schneiderhan will reveal her past in a prequel novel titled Flight of Icarus, to be published on October 31. We will discover in particular that the metalhead from Hawkins took his first steps in a recording studio in 1984 thanks to Paige. In an extract revealed by the author, her friend collects her confidences on the passion for music left to her by her late mother: “This music takes you on an adventure, in another world, as if to face demons. Traveling to the depths of hell. My mother’s music was plane tickets. I guess that makes my music a portal to another dimension.” A sad nod to its imminent end…

After Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn will join another universe

It is impossible to know at this time whether Joseph Quinn will return to service in one way or another in Stranger Things. In the meantime, the 29-year-old British actor is reportedly filming in front of a famous director’s camera. Ridley Scott would have offered him a major role in the sequel to the cult Gladiator, currently in production. Rumors suggest that the interpreter of Eddie Munson would portray the Roman emperor Caracalla in this new story centered on Lucius, the son of Lucilla, here played by Paul Mescal (Normal People). Also announced as cast were Djimon Hounsou (Juba), Denzel Washington and Barry Keoghan.