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Summary of episode 1544 of Tomorrow belongs to usbroadcast on TF1, Friday October 27, 2023. After an eventful summer, Gilles (Laurent Gamelon) wants to sell his house. The brother of Marianne Delcourt (Luce Mouchel) is convinced that his house is cursed.

I have to say that Bruno (Kevin Levy) was poisoned with well water, drugs were hidden on the construction site, and the work never ends. As if that wasn’t enough, the owner of the place now hears baby crying.

He no longer sees himself living there and has made a very radical decision: he wants to sell it as quickly as possible. He wrote an ad which he showed to Tristan. The latter has a crush on good. During the visit, Gilles is very transparent with his roommate.

But Tristan don’t let yourself be discouraged. On the contrary, he feels capable of doing all the work. But now, the former boss of Spoon is disillusioned when he learns that the bank is not supporting him on this project.

Soizic is confident

Francis (Emmanuel Moire) feels guilty about having slipped up with Soizic (Charlie Nune). While he’s in bed with Charlie (Clémence Lassalas), the professor is the victim of a sexual breakdown. The young woman is far from becoming cheesed and relaxes the atmosphere.

But in his head, François is indeed thinking about how he is going to handle this situation. He leaves a voicemail for Soizic so they can meet to talk about what happened. Soizic is very happy with this meeting and shares her feelings with Victory (Solène Hébert).

But there, Benjamin (Alexandre Varga) tries to calm the ardor of his colleague. He thinks that François had a temporary breakdown. He is convinced that he will remain in a relationship with Charlie. The professor indeed seems content in the arms of the young woman…

Bart more than ever in danger

Bart (Hector Langevin) is hospitalized after his road accident. The Spoon boss is getting better and better. Victoire also says it to Eloisethe twin sister ofAdele (Aliénor Bouvier) by taking it for herself. The young woman blames the blow: her plan to get rid of him did not work.

For his part, Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) has a revelation. She just thinks that she met Adèle’s twin sister a few days ago in Sète. She shares Karim (Samy Gharbi) his doubts. It could be that Eloise is trying to get rid of the men who surround her sister.

The police discover that Eloïse had already tried to cause a separation between her sister and one of her ex-companions. For her part, Adèle sees her sister and suspects nothing. She shares her love for Bart and her desire to introduce him to him.

For her, he is the man of her life. A statement that Eloïse cannot stand. The twin sister goes to the hospital and tells Bart, still in a coma, that she doesn’t know what her sister can do with him. She takes out a syringe to get rid of him like she did with the others…

Lost: A reboot in preparation? The showrunner responds

Fans dream of it, but is it possible that a Lost reboot is in the works? The showrunner answered this question!

As we know, reboots, remakes or even spin-offs and revivals are the big trend of the networks. Many cult series have had the right to a second life. Obviously, there is a show that draws all the attention and that fans would like to find on the screen. It is about the Lost series which ended on a very conflicting finale which left as many questions as answers … If noises were born concerning a reboot of Lost since some actors would be leaving, the producer Executive and co-creator of this emblematic series, Damon Lindelof, confided in the potential of a reboot, and his response was surprisingly positive …

A new adventure for the missing?

During an interview with, the showrunner of Lost, Damon Lindelof, raised the possibility of a reboot of the series: “We had such an opportunity to do whatever we wanted in it. This is, once again, another situation where, for someone who entered and worked in the worlds of Alien, Star Trek and now Watchmen, the idea that I created an original IP in Lost that someone else could put their creativity on, I would really like to see more of Lost. I would love to see what others would do with it. I just feel like I got my crack and it’s time for the old man to step down and let someone else take the reins. It would be cool if there were more Lost, but, again, I don’t think it should be me. “. The good news for those hoping for a reboot is that the co-creator of such a success would like to see more Lost. The catch is that Damon Lindelof himself is not interested in being part of this adventure and prefers to see how others would manage the intrigue. But then, will someone embark on such a project? While waiting to learn more, discover the best seasons of your favorite series.