The Bridgertons Chronicle: this very surprising link with The Walking Dead Follow us

Everything separates The Walking Dead And The Bridgerton Chronicles. The two series are part of radically different universes, exploring completely opposite genres. We can nevertheless be a fan of one or the other. It would also be fun to know if zombie hunters assiduously watch Shonda Rhimes' original creation, the third season of which will arrive on the Netflix platform next May. Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimesmakes no secret of having binge-watched it for prepare to fight the undead in the spin-off dedicated to his character and Michonne (Danai Gurira), The One Who Liveswhich will begin broadcasting on February 25 on the American channel ABC.

These surprising Bridgerton fans

Invited to speak at a round table organized by the Television Critic's Association, the actor also famous for starring in the romantic comedy Love Actually made this very surprising revelation: We watched a lot of Bridgerton. This story has been in the making for a long time and I love this character and this love story. After all, the DNA of the first episode of The Walking Dead is a man in search of his family. Would the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comics be “the most romantic series” of television history? The question deserves to be raised, according to the interpreter of Rick Grimes who underlined the crucial contribution of his partner on screen to give “the rhythm of this love story”. However, we doubt that the idea would come to a showrunner to propose a crossover between the two programs…

Why is Bridgerton season 3 already causing a lot of talk?

For the third chapter of The Bridgerton Chronicles, the writers decided to devote their attention to Colin, a character played by Luke Newton. The controversial choice did not put all fans in agreement. Some simply denounce it as a waste before even being able to watch season 3. Another production decision, however, brought some relief to their hearts. It was decided to hide a grossophobic plot which saw Colin Bridgerton fall under the spell of a Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) with a few pounds less. Despite everything, aficionados of the series would have preferred that the next round of episodes focused more on Benedict or Eloise. See you in spring on the platform at the red N!

The Bridgerton Chronicles: this unsuspected link with a Disney studio classic Follow us

Fans can't wait any longer after Netflix released never-before-seen footage of season 3 of The Bridgerton Chroniclesthis Monday, December 25. “Lady Whistledown is better than Santa Claus.” She gave us a scandalous preview of the upcoming season of The Bridgerton Chronicles, we can read in the caption of the four photos published by the platform on its X account (formerly known as Twitter). Like season 4 of Stranger Things or the final chapter of The Crown, the streaming giant will broadcast this new burst of episodes in two parts. The first will be put online on May 16, 2024, the second on June 13, 2024.

Season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles will reunite much of the original cast. An actress well known to Disney fans (again) will give the voice for the occasion. It is indeed Julie Andrews which lends the breast to the character of Lady Whistledown. The 88-year-old actress played Mary Poppins in the cult film directed by Robert Stevenson for Disney Studios in 1964. For the record, Walt Disney hesitated to offer the role to Julie Harris, Angela Lansbury and Bette Davis before deciding to hire her. While pregnant, the latter hesitated to accept his proposal until she was assured that the team would wait until she gave birth to begin filming.

This other Bridgerton link with Disney

Julie Andrews is not the one and only actress who makes it possible to fmake the link between the Netflix series and Disney. In fact, we find in the casting Bridgerton another actress who also passed through the studio with big ears. Spotted in Sex Education, Simone Ashley is best known forThe role of Kate Sharma, in love with Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) in the Shonda Rhimes series. The British actress of Indian origin was featured this year at the live action remake of The little Mermaid directed by Rob Marshall where she played Indira, one of Ariel's sisters. We will find her next year on Netflix in season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles.

One Piece (Netflix): this improbable link with the pirate series Black Sails Follow us

The production of the live action series One Piece cost an arm and a leg Netflix. Thus, the platform had a chance to make some savings on filming. How ? By recycling settings from another, relatively underrated, pirate series entitled Black Sails.

In fact, the production of the live series One Piece reused part of the sets from Black Sails in South Africa. A place which was used for filming the famous pirate series between 2014 And 2017. A boon for Netflix because the production of Black Sails had left decorations as they were in the image of large ships specially built for this series that has gone a little under the radar. It must be admitted, Black Sails did not experience the worldwide success of One Piece on Netflix.

One Piece : Netflix saves furniture by recycling Black Sails

Thus, this recycling of sets, filming locations and intact boats allowed Netflix to make big savings in an already very expensive series. Because, between filming, the significant salary of the main actors, the astronomical cost of producing each episode, the live series One Piece on Netflix cost candy. Much more than the original anime adapted from the original signed manga Eiichiro Oda. And Netflix has only produced the very first season so far. The famous streaming platform wants to make 12 seasons (!) for this critically and publicly successful show. However, even if season 1 was very expensive to produce, it is nothing compared to the sequel which should take a lot of time.visual scale if it follows the manga exactly. Time will tell. And will pay.