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We no longer count the number of South Korean series who flock to the Netflix platform every week. Massive imports from the “Land of Fresh Morning” reveal subscribers’ unwavering enthusiasm for “k-dramas”. As evidence the huge box of Squid Game of which season 2 is particularly awaited. South Korean fiction continues to proliferate and bring in big revenues for the streaming giant. A report published last year revealed that the pure player had invested invested 2.5 billion dollars over four years to afford these productions. If more than thirty original creations were developed in 2023, the pace could drastically slow down due toa surge in production costs in Korea.

The crazy demands of Netflix stars

The platform at the red N Would she no longer have the means to keep up? According to the representative of a broadcasting company, mentioned by the site k-gen, the whims of Korean stars could be right for one of the juiciest partnerships in the history of streaming: “The main players are now demanding exorbitant feest, with reduced timings, production companies find themselves obliged to pay hundreds of millions of won per episode to recruit actors. These requirements would thus contribute to the worrying increase in budgets. If it proves impossible to respond favorably to their incredible demands, Netflix could decide to turn off the tap, to the great misfortune of fans.

These salaries that drive Netflix crazy

According to a well-placed source,prices tend to double when switching to Netflix, and do not decrease thereafter. For recent castings, South Korean actors would ask to pocket of the “stamps of 400 million won (270,000 euros), 650 million won (450,000 euros) and 700 million won (485,000 euros) per episode.” These crazy demands would also have the consequence of lowering the remuneration of technicians, the biggest losers in history. The affair is finally furiously reminiscent of that which broke out last summer in the midst of an actors’ strike in Hollywood. We then learned that salary Sean Gunn, aka Kirk Gleason in Gilmore Girlshad practically not benefited from the enormous profits generated by the series. “Ted Sarandos (Netflix CEO) pocketed $40 million from bonuses they earned from their company profits. I don’t understand why they can’t reduce these bonuses to share more wealth with the people who created the content that made them rich.”he blurted out in the columns of Hollywood Reporter.

Netflix: a new Korean series enters the Top 10 Follow us

South Korea continues to be popular on Netflix. If it made a relatively discreet entry into the platform’s catalog on January 19, series Ancestral enjoys an honorable reputation Today. So much so that we can no longer dislodge it from the Top 10 most viewed series on the platform for almost a week. This pretty box once again demonstrates the sense of flair (and business) of the streaming giant which took note of “ growing popularity internationally » Korean productions, as Don Kang, vice-president of Netflix original content in South Korea, explained to our colleagues at Allociné last year. “There is no particular reason, at least none that seems to me to justify this crazehe added. The advent of streaming has therefore brought a lot to the Korean drama industry, and their growing popularity internationally”.

What is the new Korean sensation on Netflix?

The six episodes ofAncestral follow the young assistant of a university professor renowned. When she learns that she will not get the job she so coveted (and which had been promised to her), a distant uncle leaves him an inheritance… A cemetery ! This surprising legacy, but a priori not very attractive, is coveted by a mysterious individual who presents himself as the half-brother of its owner. A breathtaking pitch available in six episodes that we owe to director of Last Train to BusanYeon Sang-ho, also screenwriter of the Netflix series Hellbound. Let us also point out that this is the adaptation of a webtoon by Kang Tae-kyung entitled The Bequeathed.

Why are Korean series so popular on Netflix?

Difficult to answer the question precisely. However, we no longer count the number of k-dramas whose performances exploded the counters on Netflix. Asked by Tele-Leisurejournalist Ophélie Surcouf, author of K-Pop Culturegives some food for thought:The topics covered by Korean series are universal : love, opposition between classes, social pressure… But they are treated differently if we compare to American fiction, for example. They have less of this Manichean vision of savior of the world. Their stories revolve more around family, about themselves.” In early 2023, Netflix revealed its intention to‘invest no less than 2.5 billion dollars over four years in South Korean productions. The second season of Squid Game should not reverse the trend.

Netflix: this popular Korean series is renewed! Follow us

On January 5, Netflix has released the second part of The Creature of Kyŏngsŏng. Worn by Park Seo-joon (Parasite, The Marvels), the series is set in the city of Gyeongju, the former name of Seoul, capital of South Korea. An entrepreneur and a detective face a formidable creature born of the greed of the human species, during the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1945. The striking pitch convinced a majority of subscribers of the platform with the red N, so much so that the program has carved out a place of choice in its Top 10. For sure, the streaming giant was not going to stop there.

And two! This Monday January 8, 2024, the SVOD leader has formalized the arrival of a second season of The Creature of Kyŏngsŏng. “Season 2 takes a dramatic leap in time, as revealed in Season 1's intriguing post-credit sequence. In this crucial scene, a character named Ho-jae, who bears a striking resemblance to Jang Tae-sang, turns to reveal a mysterious scar, which sparks a series of questions about his identity and the origin of the scar, specifies the platform in an official press release. This moment is the gateway to the time travel element of the series, which is set in Seoul in 2024. The released images amplify the mystery, capturing Chae-ok at a critical moment and suggesting a season brimming with 'enigmatic events and connections'. More information coming soon!

Why South Korean series are flocking to Netflix

Recent years have been marked by a massive arrival of successful South Korean series in the platform catalog. A vein that the streaming giant now intends to exploit to the tune of billions of dollars. “Netflix is ​​pleased to confirm thathe will invest 2.5 billion dollars in Korea, particularly in the creation of Korean series, films and unscripted programs over the next four years. This investment plan represents double the total amount invested by Netflix in the Korean market since we launched our platform in Korea in 2016. declared the CEO of Netflix last year in an official press release relayed by AFP. The cardboard of The Creature of Kyŏngsŏng confirmed the inexhaustible passion of subscribers for programs from the “Land of fresh mornings”.

Netflix: this new Korean series makes Internet users shiver Follow us

South Korea enjoys popularity like no other on Netflix. A new production from the “Land of the Fresh Morning” still does not deny its capital sympathy. On December 11, Netflix put online the first season of True Beauty. The series directed by Kim Sang-Hyeop follows the story of Lim Ju-Kyung (Moon Ga-young), an 18 year old girl harassed in high school because of his physique. The situation changes from the day it is formed a new identity in another school. Despite everything, the young girl maintains a poor opinion of her physique in terms of Korean beauty standards…

The streaming giant treats its subscribers with True Beauty. This new k-drama has indeed attracted good reviews since its arrival in the platform’s catalog.I finished True Beauty and honestly? I loved ! (…) Only those who have experienced something similar know how painful it is to identify with the situations experienced by (the character of) Lim Ju-Kyung », True Beauty makes me sob », “This is the fifth time I’ve seen (this series) ! », “It’s refreshing to watch.”, True Beauty gives me too many shivers of embarrassment, it’s horrible, but I like it! », ” It is (a) nugget! I haven’t watched all the episodes yet, I’m already praying for a sequel! »we can read in particular on X (formerly Twitter).

Will Netflix renew True Beauty?

Available on Netflix in France, True Beauty has been first broadcast on Korean TV TVN, in 2020. The program was also very successful at the time. Despite the excellent critical feedback, no green light was given to its producers with a view to the development ofa second season. Its renewal does not seem to be relevant either since it has been almost four years since the series saw the light of day. Netflix, however, does not often continue to offer its subscribers other k-dramas, most of the time received favorably. So what will be the next success from South Korea? To be continued!

Netflix: this Korean series divides Internet users Follow us

We have known this since last summer: Netflix wants to open its catalog more to Asian productions, whether from Japan, India or even South Korea. Among all this profusion of programs, it is k-dramas that are the most popular with Internet users. Each week brings its share of new series from the “Land of Fresh Mornings”. The streaming giant has been broadcasting for example since last week Doona!. Carried by Suzy Bae, Yang Se-Jong and Park Se-wan, this romantic comedy is a great success across the world – except in France – as proven by its 2.8 million hours of views.

Co-created by Lee Jung-hyo, Jang Yu-ha, Doona! follows the intersecting destinies of a discreet student named Lee Won-jun (Yang Se-jong) and Lee Doona (Bae Suzy), a k-pop star who ended his career for a mysterious reason. On X (formerly Twitter), the new Netflix series divides Internet users. On the one hand, those who uncompromisingly support it: ” Very cool Doona on Netflix! », Doona on Netflix, I think it’s a beautiful, very touching story, each episode, I love watching and can’t wait to see what happens next”, “Well, that’s much better when it comes to alchemy. This romance is perfect ». On the other, the disappointed: Doona on Netflix, the cinematography is superb. But unfortunately this ending is not enough for me, without spoiling, I just had the impression that we went in circles to return to the same place where it all started. And I didn’t like it, it made me angry, what about you? What do you think ? ».

Will Netflix renew Doona?

Renewing a series is a long process. In a report published by Bloomberg in 2021, Lucas Shaw explained that Netflix leaned “on its own idiosyncratic data points to evaluate programs”, closely studying the “adjusted audience share”THE “efficiency score” and the “impact value”. The platform also uses external tracking tools, such as Google Trends, and series season completion statistics provided by the British company Digital I. At this time, it is still too much to know if Doona! will return for a second season.