Such great sunshine in advance of Friday December 15, 2023 on France 2: Akim hesitates, Pierre dangerous? Follow us

Summary of episode 1297Such a big sun broadcast Friday December 15, 2023 on France 2. Akim receives confirmation of his integration into the police academy. He has to go for training but has just started a love affair with Margot.

If he assures the young woman that she must live this story as it comes without planning too much, in reality, he has doubts. The young man mentions to Manu his desire to postpone his entry into training. But Manu advises him to go there as soon as possible and think about his career. Akim agrees with him.

Is Pierre who he says he is?

A press article gives a terrible image of Rock. He is described as a man who was involved in two deaths of women. From now on, the young man suffers from a terrible image of a pervert that this article has stuck on him while he makes his debut at the hospital as a physiotherapist.

But his lawyer insists: we must stick to the facts. Pierre served his sentence and justice ruled. He is a free man because he no longer has anything to reproach himself for. Pierre receives Tommy who threatens him: if he hurts Emma, ​​he will come after him. Pierre orders him to leave his office.

Henri Lebrun finds a private notebook in which her daughter spoke in detail of the harassment she suffered from Pierre. She also talks about her confidences made to a woman. He does some research and realizes that she is dead.

She is none other than the wife of Yann. In fact, Mr Lebrun’s daughter confided in Yann’s wife. The two men meet and discuss their desire to bring down Pierre.

Later, Yann explains to Johanna the content of this interview and lets her understand that he intends to resume the investigation into the death of his wife. The lawyer tries to make him listen to reason.

Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Monday November 6, 2023 on TF1: Luna tries a poker game, Alex hesitates Follow us

Summary of episode 1550 of Tomorrow belongs to us, broadcast on Monday November 6 on TF1. Since the departure of Judith (Alice Varela), Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) is going through a period of transition. His wife, Chloe Delcourt (Ingrid Chauvin) was not given a new position in national education after the collapse of the Agnès Varda high school. He tries as best he can to occupy it.

For his part, the oyster farmer had left control of the management of the Mas to his daughter, Judith. But now, after his breakup with Jordan (Maxime Lélue), the young woman took off on a three-month road trip to America. Since then, he has had to manage the Mas again alone.

And it is very difficult to renew itself. He changed the decoration of the Mas thinking he could attract new customers for tastings. But it didn’t work. While he lamented not finding clients to bring his Mas to life, Alex received a visit from Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre) and Gilles (Laurent Gamelon).

His two friends are ready to help him. The former boss of Spoon even has some ideas to submit to him. He is convinced that decoration will not be enough. Alex should offer a tapas menu to attract more people for dinner. If he was doubtful, Alex let himself be carried away by Tristan’s enthusiasm. But the oyster farmer isn’t really sure of himself…

An unforgettable Halloween

The teenagers are still locked up since Halloween night. They are physically and mentally exhausted. While investigators struggle to find their trace, Luna (Paloma Reynaud) wants to try a poker game. The young woman is determined to get out of this nightmare-like escape game as quickly as possible.

May she be followed in her enthusiasm by Dorian (Rayane Huber), Nathan (Adrien Gabeulet), Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) and Lizzie (Juliette Malibat) or not, the young woman who worked at La paillote will leave this place at all costs!

Bart makes a decision

Bart (Hector Langevin) has experienced many dramas in recent weeks. After being found by Adele (Aliénor Bouvier) in bed with another woman, the boss of the Spoon was the target of brake sabotage. He had a serious car accident and ended up in a coma. All because of Adèle’s sister whose existence he didn’t know, Eloise !

Since waking up from his coma, the young man has only one thing in mind: finding Adèle and protecting her. But then, when she discovered that her sister was behind the murder of her ex-partner, that of her friend Fabio and the sabotage of Bart’s car, Adèle had a heated conversation with her.

Eloïse could not deny her involvement. The two sisters fell from the balcony of Adèle’s apartment. If Eloïse was able to wake up a few hours after the incident, Adèle is in a coma. Once again, the evil twin has fooled everyone by pretending to be Adele.

Bart returned to the apartment with her, convinced that it was Adèle. Since then, he has always been disturbed. Even if he dreams of resuming a normal life, new difficulties await him. Recommended by Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff), Bart makes the decision to move Adèle’s workshop…