Tomorrow belongs to us in advance of Tuesday February 13, 2024 on TF1: Georges hesitating, Gilles having a heart attack? Follow us

Summary of episode 1621 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday February 13, 2024 on TF1. Jack is sure that Jordan turns a blind eye to his feelings for Violet. If the latter assures that this is not the case, he finds it more and more difficult to hide the truth of what he feels. When he goes to Violette's house, he meets Charles, her brother whom she gets to know little by little. Charles makes a mistake thinking that Jordan is Violette's boyfriend. The teenagers immediately disabuse him but Violette blushes. When Jordan leaves, Charles tries to get Violette to confess. But the young teenager prefers not to dwell on her feelings. Later, she shares lunch with Charles and Roxane. Violette admits to them that she misses Australia and her parents. She knows that what they did is very wrong but they are her parents and they educated her. She crosses Liam, to whom she briefly explains the complexity of her family structure. He asks her to have a drink at the end of the day so he can talk to her about it in more detail. She accepts but Charles warns her: playing both sides is risky. While she spends some time with Liam at the end of the day, Jordan sees them and blames the blow.

Georges soon to be a father?

George is plagued by doubts. The more time passes, the more the due date of Vanessa approach. Now the policeman realizes that he is not ready to raise this baby. He made her a promise but realizes that he will not be able to keep it. Educating this baby who risks constantly reminding him of Vanessa but above all giving him unconditional love seems impossible to him. The difficulty for him now is to decide and announce to Vanessa that he prefers this baby to go to another family. This situation is very difficult for the police officer who is at the same time trying to change his relationship with Melody. He realizes from the day before that the next day is Valentine's Day. And he didn't plan anything!

Gilles is overcome by pain

Gilles, he has not forgotten to be romantic. He went to buy two pretty bouquets: one for his niece, Chloeand the other for Cecile, his future wife. While Diego is uncomfortable because he has not managed to admit to those around him that he saw Cécile with a man in the street, the latter reminds Gilles to take his food supplements in his bag. At the same time, the robot portrait of the man who attacked him, made thanks to Gilles, allows it to be compared to the city's video surveillance images. It is quickly identified and it is Pascal Villard, a gambler banned from Casino. If the investigators are looking for a link between Cécile and this man, the future bride and groom spend their evening separately. Indeed, Gilles is taken to the Mas and then to the Spoon for a bachelor party. While the evening is in full swing, Pascal Villard observes the group of friends and leaves a message for Cécile telling her that he misses her. Later, Gilles has chest pain.

Aim for the heart (TF1): will we see Claire Keim again in season 3? Follow us

Aim for the heart unfolds the journey of police captain Julie Scola, brilliantly played by Claire Keim, investigating sordid affairs. The second season of the detective series broadcast by TF1 concluded this Thursday, November 2 at the end of the sixth episode. But when will we see Claire Keim again – and her sidekick played by Lannick Gautry– in season 3 ?

In fact, for the moment, Aim for the heart has not yet been renewed by the first channel for a third season.We are never sure.”, contextualizes Lannick Gautry, who interprets Novak Lišica on screen, in an interview given to West France. “VSIt will depend on the audiences.” TF1, for its part, has not yet made a decision regarding a season 3 of Aim for the heart. We will have to wait for an audience report for season 2 recently broadcast on the channel.

Aim for the heart (TF1): Lannick Gautry is already up for the future

Launched with great fanfare at the end of October on TF1, season 2 of Aim for the heart attracted on average nearly 3,000,000 viewers. However, season 2 obliges, the surprise effect and the scent of freshness were no longer required. Thus, the series showed a slight drop in audience compared to the first season. It’s not catastrophic either, but this difference could be what will weigh in the balance of whether or not entertainment is renewed. Even if the fate of a third season of Aim for the heart is not yet sealed, Lannick Gautry seems rather excited about the idea of ​​returning to the detective series. The actor, recently seen in the Testosteronated cinema ofOlivier MarchalEast ” downright leaving” to play in a hypothetical season 3. He added in the interview given to the newspaper: “I love this meeting.For her part, Claire Keim, who is the leading role of Aim for the hearthas not yet commented on the end of season 2 of Aim for the heart. Or a potential season 3.

Aim for the heart (TF1): Claire Keim opens up about an addiction Follow us

The role of police captain Julia Scola, in the series Aim for the heart on TF1, seems to be quite agitated by her on-screen interpreter, Claire Keim. The actress, a true essential figure in the fiction of the first channel, made some confidences about a old addiction. In 2020Claire Keim already embodied a difficult role In Thirst for life. A feature film in which she played an alcoholic mother. A role that required a lot of research on the subject beforehand. Just like that of Aim for the heart.

A psychiatrist enlightened me on the subject.”, declared Claire Keim at the time in an interview then given to Leisure TV. “I also worked a lot with the director. Staggering, having glassy eyes, slurred voice… The game had to be fair to avoid ridicule.” In Thirst for lifeas Aim for the heartthe actress demonstrates that she has a definite appetite for roles on the razor’s edge. Scores which look towards the dark side of the human soul and which sometimes make him uncomfortable like the filming of Aim for the heart.

Aim for the heart : Claire Keim shines in this dark series on TF1

Still in this interview with Télé Loisir, Claire Keim continues: “If you don’t believe in the character, you don’t believe in the film. It’s even more complicated because an alcoholic may never appear drunk.In order to refine its role in Thirst for lifeshe notably met women suffering from alcoholism. People “whose problem is unsuspected” according to the actress. She adds: “They do yoga at 8 a.m., always sign the youngest’s notebook, but behind this facade, it’s a disaster. His role in Thirst for life made Claire Keim aware of the temptation of alcohol. Perhaps even more so in an environment like French cinema or, more broadly, television entertainment.I started in this profession very early. I saw a lot of excess… I could have been eaten ten times over! Fortunately, I had painful awakenings where I didn’t remember anything. These situations served as alerts to me. I fell between the drops, it’s luck, not pride.”Three years later we find a very solid Claire Keim in Aim for the heart. The actress, accustomed to tortured roles, shines brightly in this dark series on TF1. Her portrait of Captain Scola, always facing increasingly sordid investigations, demonstrates that this new heroine is also a survivor. The new episode of season 2 of Aim for the heart is broadcast this Thursday, November 2 on TF1 from 9:10 p.m.

Aim for the heart (TF1): Claire Keim uncomfortable on a very difficult shoot Follow us

Claire Keim has become, year after year, fiction after fiction, one of the most recognized faces of TF1 fiction. The judge is a woman, Truth obliges, Zodiac, The Master of the Zodiac, The Edelweiss, Unsuspected, Unfaithful… The boss of the series and other soap operas on the first channel is her! Place today at Aim for the hearta detective series, the filming of which was not at all easy for Claire Keim.

Fact, Aim for the heart is a thriller on the razor’s edge in which the French actress plays a police captain. A first role, therefore, another on TF1, but which stands out greatly from everything she has done previously, from Judge is a woman has Zodiac Passing by Unsuspected. THE filming of Aim for the heart has been trying for Claire Keim who sometimes even felt very uncomfortable as she confided in an interview given to 7 Days TV.

Vise the heart : A real challenge for Claire Keim on TF1

Thus, the role of the captain Julia Scola was directly in the sights of the actress specializing in drama serials and other detective fiction. “I was intrigued by this woman and I wanted to explore her insides.”, explains Claire Keim to our colleagues. “She is strong, in appearance, but you must not shake her too much, otherwise everything collapses. This fragility pleased me, it must resonate within me.” Claire Keim goes on to explain that she is not so much attracted to this type of difficult role but that they come to her very naturally. She adds: “I like secrets. And this woman, who we can guess has not had an easy journey, is also very dignified. I wanted her to bring me her right hand. He’s a character I admire.However, playing Julia Scola was not easy for the actress. Zodiac. In the columns of Télé 7 Jours, this recognizes a filming “sometimes a little gloomy”. The different investigations in each new episode draw on various facts, sometimes sordid news that Claire Keim doesn’t like at all.I don’t like news items, I stay away from them as much as possible. And if, on top of that, it affects children… I’m fleeing!Aim for the heart is broadcast every Thursday on TF1 from 9:10 p.m.